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Guest Article – The Heart is Not a Pump

By February 14, 2023Uncategorized

Guest Article

The Heart is Not a Pump

©2006 The Late John Chitty RPP, RCST
Reprinted from the APTA Newsletter Energy Spring 2006

Abstract: Contrary to the information presented in anatomy textbooks, the heart’s function is far more than a mechanical pump. This article describes why the heart cannot be a pump, and speculates about its real function based on findings from embryology, Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Polyvagal Therapy, Attachment Theory and other sources. The article concludes that the heart is the body’s primary energy regulator and a portal into the deep meaning and purpose of human consciousness. An experimental therapeutic protocol for working with the heart, based on these findings, is proposed.

Look up “circulatory system” or “heart” in any textbook and the first sentence is likely to describe the heart as pump that pushes blood through the arteries, capillaries and veins to deliver oxygen and nutrient-rich blood as well as to evacuate waste products to a from the tissues of the body.

However even a basic analysis of the mechanical requirements for this function lead to the conclusion that this is not possible. Numerous experts2 have pointed out the problem, to no avail. The pump description prevails against overwhelming evidence to the contrary. What a commentary on modern culture’s coexisting knowledge and ignorance, that so basic a situation is so misunderstood.

Evidence that the heart is not a pump

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