Board of Directors

Denyce Giannioses, BCPP, RPE


Denyce combines 25 years experience in Polarity Therapy and psychology with simple practical solutions that educate, heal and support people on their journey. Her expertise is identifying and healing early life trauma. Her natural talents, extensive knowledge and education of the Spirit-Body relationship gives her an empathic perspective that inspires confidence, passion, and meaning in those she works with. Some of the techniques in her toolbox include Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Balancing, Prenatal-Birth Therapy, Continuum Movement, Moving Theater, flower essences, essential oils, meditation, and Conscious Language. Polarity has been the guiding principle in her practice and life, therefore she is committed to the advancement of Polarity Therapy as a profession while maintaining the integrity and beauty of this healing art.

Lisa Nemzo, BCPP, RPE

Vice President

Lisa has been a Healing Arts Practitioner since 1985 specializing in Somatic Trauma Release from a physio/emotional nature. Lisa works with couples on communication skills, reflective listening and conflict resolution. She is very active as a professional songwriter, producer, and musician and mentor to young budding artists. She brings creativity, freshness and an experienced voice to the APTA Board of Directors. Lisa’s extensive experience working with groups in building consensus will be an asset to the APTA Board of Directors as we move into the future.

Tim Polak, BCPP


While in school for Physical Therapy, Tim discovered Polarity Therapy. After obtaining an Associates Polarity Practitioner degree, he furthered his studies in a two-year program in Columbus, Ohio at the Institute of Holistic Health Careers.

With a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner accomplishment, Tim began seeing clients at Wellness Evolution in Beachwood, Ohio. This lead to setting up a home office as well as practicing in clients’ homes, places of business and community centers.

“I have a desire to connect with people” Tim says. “Polarity Therapy has given me an outlet to communicate with people verbally as well as on a deeper, energetic level. This two-way street of connection allows me to influence a person’s body to do what it needs to do to heal. My clients have experienced astounding results and I feel fortunate to be a part of this process. Watching someone heal – whether physically, emotionally or spiritually – can be quite a rewarding experience. When a client turns to me seeking relief from a physical ailment, help with relaxation, or looking to treat her or himself to some personal time, I welcome it as an opportunity to use my skills to bring balance to the mind and body; which is a lifelong quest for all of us.”

​”I used to think balance meant getting the scales to stay perfectly even. Experience has shown me that in life these scales are constantly tipping more to one side or the other. We must appreciate the moments of stillness. While I do enjoy the “feel good” physical benefits of Polarity Therapy, my ultimate goal is to prolong that moment of stillness throughout a session so that it might carry on into the client’s daily life.”



Amanda Conn, BCPP, RPE


Adam Wright, APP


Deb Fox,  BCPP, RPE


Mark Hubbard, BCPP


Eve Vrla, APP


Board members participate in the governance that guides decisions and the future of APTA. Each board member is a member in good standing and is nominated by a member of APTA. They serve 3-year terms and are advocates for our members in state and national forums. If you have an interest in the advancement of polarity therapy, we invite you to join APTA and consider ways in which you can contribute.

APTA to me is about community. I believe in our mission and our work. APTA keeps our community safe and forward-focused as we carry on Dr. Stone's brilliant work.

Dr. Johnny Henderson, Ph.D.Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, Registered Polarity Educator