Board of Directors

Denyce Giannioses, BCPP, RPE


Denyce combines 25 years experience in Polarity Therapy and psychology with simple practical solutions that educate, heal and support people on their journey. Her expertise is identifying and healing early life trauma. Her natural talents, extensive knowledge and education of the Spirit-Body relationship gives her an empathic perspective that inspires confidence, passion, and meaning in those she works with. Some of the techniques in her toolbox include Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Balancing, Prenatal-Birth Therapy, Continuum Movement, Moving Theater, flower essences, essential oils, meditation, and Conscious Language. Polarity has been the guiding principle in her practice and life, therefore she is committed to the advancement of Polarity Therapy as a profession while maintaining the integrity and beauty of this healing art.

Kim Pinckley, RPE, RPP, LMT

Vice President

Kim Pinckley began her healing arts journey in 1997 as a Massage Therapist specializing in Cranial Sacral Therapy and ultimately finding her passion, Polarity Therapy in 2010 at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Phoenix, AZ. While attending classes to complete her RPP, she shared time between “SWIHA” and The Yoga and Polarity Center in NY gaining two different perspectives of this comprehensive healing modality. Upon completion of her RPP training she was inspired to enroll in Polarity Teacher Training programs in both schools as well, with the intention of becoming a highly skilled practitioner by owning the complexities of this work. In 2018 Kim took her accumulated knowledge and experience into the classroom.

Adam Wright, APP


I reside in Austin, Texas with my wife and two daughters. I have 20 years of experience as a self-employed massage therapist. I am also a massage therapy instructor (MTi) and have always had a passion for relieving people of their pain. This passion has evolved over the years and led me to the practice of Polarity Therapy as it became a necessity of my personal healing process. Coupled with traditional manual therapies, Polarity Therapy has become a cornerstone of my practice. My wife and I manage office space for practitioners and providing a safe healing environment is our motivation. The practice of Polarity Therapy helps provide the integrity to hold such sacred space.

Niseema Dyan Diemer, RPE, BCPP, LMT, SEP


I have been a member of APTA since 2006 and became a BCPP in 2015. I’ve been in private practice for over 16 years. Polarity Therapy provides the framework and structure of how I work with all of my clients. For a number of years, I taught a 20-hour Introduction to Polarity Therapy at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in NYC, as well as segments of the APP and RPP curriculum at Soma-Psyche Institute NYC. I have gone on to study trauma therapy and other body-based modalities that have deepened my understanding and appreciation of the art and brilliance of Dr. Stone and Polarity Therapy.



Sea Cummins was drawn to mystical texts, yoga, meditation and vegetarian diet since her teens. She lived on a raw vegan farm and studied ecology and natural healing methods. Next she discovered a polarity therapy hot springs resort and took their programs with her family in her 20s. After becoming a Polarity practitioner, she went on to be nationally certified in bodywork, medical massage and Biodynamic Craniosacral and to work with many people privately and in a massage franchise. Sharing Polarity principles through classes at her Baja café and cottage in Oregon have sprung from her love for these lifelong studies and service. Her private practice thrives and her offerings range from bodywork, astrology readings and healthful products, to small batch foods and aroma yoga®. Today she lives in Oregon and Baja, Mexico with her daughter and dog Peach and is launching the Associate in Polarity Principles courses.

Jennifer Sanders, RPE, RPP


Jennifer Sanders is a Master Polarity and Integrative Cranial Sacral Unwinding instructor, Registered Polarity Educator, Registered Polarity Practitioner, Co-Director of the Distance Healing Academy, Co-Director of the Polarity and Cranial Programs at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and holds a degree in Mind/Body Transformational Psychology. Jennifer is a passionate and innovative educator who has dedicated her work to transforming the consciousness and quality of life, for both students and clients. She trains and mentors teachers and practitioners from all over the world in the application and studies of the Healing Arts. In her private practice she specializes in Polarity Therapy, ICSU, Distance Healing, Life Coaching, Sound Healing and Aromatherapy to facilitate potent and transformative healing for clients from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Mark Hubbard, BCPP


Mark Hubbard is a Wellness Educator, Speaker, and Founder/Director of  MKH Healing Arts in Smithtown, New York: a Center for Wellness Education and Holistic Health Practices.

Mark has been a Polarity Therapy student since 2003 and honors his primary teacher and mentor Heather Principe, a senior elder in the Polarity Community – along with supporting teachers Gary Strauss, Phil Young, Wendy Newton, and Elizabeth Ferrara.

After nearly 20 years of training and practitioner experience, Mark’s credentials include the BCPP designation from the American Polarity Therapy Association and a PTP designation from the International Polarity Education Alliance. Mark has been serving on the American Polarity Therapy Association Board of Directors since 2020.

Mark serves as a teacher on the staff of the Yoga & Polarity Centers’ Human Consciousness Program and Polarity Therapy Training Programs and travels throughout the country speaking on and supporting the personal practice and professional development of Polarity Therapy as a dynamic healing arts practice.

With a passion for Native American Spiritual tradition and deep roots in ancient Hermetic wisdom, Mark has dedicated his life energy to the study, practice, and teaching of Indigenous Spiritual Wisdom, Polarity Therapy and Holistic Wellness.

With a proud nod to his twins – son Mark and daughter Samantha, Mark lives in Smithtown, Long Island with his wife Karen and their four-legged friends Molly and Leroy.

Joanna Fanizza, RPP


Joanna is a dedicated practitioner committed to the universal healing journey by holding space and creating an intentional field of safety and inclusion. She utilizes her knowledge of hermeticism, yoga, electromagnetism, craniosacral dynamics, quantum physics, sacred geometry, sound vibration, and consciousness to assist her clients in developing greater ease and rejuvenation through gentle nervous system recalibration and rebalancing of the mind-body-spirit connection. Joanna holds certifications in Polarity Therapy RPP RPE, Yoga 200hr from Surya Chandra Yoga International, Kundalini Yoga through RA MA Institute NY, and is a Reiki Master attuned in both Usui and Tibetan lineages. She is a vibrational craftswoman trained to bring the healing reverberations of the gong, tuning forks, drum, and voice to create a space for healing and transformation. Joanna is grateful to be able to serve the greater community with nearly 20 years of experience building conscious awareness to offer vibrations to awaken the ancient wisdom within.