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EmPower Flow/A & P

Vitalizing the Emotional Body & Water Element

with Eleanora Lipton and Karen Kerns

Saturday – November 19

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EmPower Flow/A & P – Vitalizing the Emotional Body & Water Element

with Eleanora Lipton and Karen Kerns

This course is about the water element, the emotional body and the need for movement to sustain a vital life. Without movement there is stasis. Water without flow produces stagnation. Given the body is 85% water compels the necessity of circulation through movement for health and vitality.

Consider how your body feels stiff and stressed when you feel emotionally stuck. The emotional body becomes stagnant without the circulation of all the body fluids nourishing the joints, muscles, brain and breath. Here’s where EmPowerFlow Yoga can have an incredible and positive effect on releasing stuck energy and get those fluids moving. Teaching your clients and students these simple poses, empowering them to feel more in control of their issues, profoundly helps them transform the feeling of being a victim to their body. This is one of the most important aspects of the health building principles. What a gift.

EmPowerFlow is the combination of the polarity energy model with Hatha Yoga and Dr. Stone’s Easy Stretching Postures. This interface of movement and breath is what this class is about. Restoring, cleansing, and powering up …. the basis of health building.

“Movement is produced by the combination of water with air/breath.” Dr. Stone

Saturday, November 19

1:00 – 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Other start times:

10:00am Pacific

11:00am Mountain

12:00 noon Central

The class is 3 hours.

3 CEU credits – must attend online to receive

Please register by November 16!

$120 Members – Sign up here!


$135 Non – Members – Sign up here!

Registrations are final ~ No refunds

Replay link will be made available.

3 hours of CEUs will be granted towards APTA BCPP recertification and can be applied toward domain requirement B)Establish Therapeutic Rapport C)Assess the Client D)Determine Treatment Strategy E)Perform Treatment

***Attendance is required to receive CEU’s


Eleanora LiptonHatha Yoga, Polarity Therapy, and meditation has been Eleanora’s path for decades. EmPowerFlow Yoga has evolved as the integration of these practices. Her insight and skill simplify the process of moving into poses appropriate to your body’s current condition. Understanding that your body has gotten you to Here and Now, with a great dose of compassion, will truly move you forward with more grace and ease. For more information on Eleanora, EmPowerFlow classes, & Polarity Plus Tea :

Karen Kerns Having an educated background in both science and energy, KK brings a wealth of knowledge, skill and special insight to becoming fully human. Her passion is to discover the consciousness that is the body, that is the mind, and is the spirit for cultivating true wholeness. KK’s intention in this class is to help you have the life you want, filled with desire, vitality and the physical body to pursue what you want. For more information on polarity therapy