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Guest Article – Astrology Corner

By August 14, 2023Uncategorized

Astrology Corner

by Sea Cummins RPP, RPE, ATM

Learning Polarity Therapy is a lifelong study. Dr. Randolph Stone is said to have had an extensive astrology library which is now housed in the spiritual center he studied at. (Incidentally he also provided Polarity sessions to thousands of Indian nationals who were considered hopeless medical cases and became well known far and wide in his day.)

Currently there are exciting planetary occurrences such as the end of an eight-year Venus cycle and the beginning of a new one. Think about where you were and what you were starting in August 2015 as well as what has developed over time and might be completing now. 

Planetary aspects affect the collective in a general way but also affect you personally based where they “light up” your birth chart. To see how this aspect might be affecting you personally, I’d like to introduce you to casting and reading your own natal chart. With this new moon in Leo it’s a stellar time to really drop in and envision what you dream of for the next eight years!

Many experts agree that learning about one’s own chart is a very good way to begin learning astrology. Similarly, studying the charts of close family and friends can also familiarize you with what signs and archetypes mean. You know the person and you know yourself so it helps a lot!

This article is a step-by-step tutorial for those who haven’t yet had their chart done or for those who want to begin learning how to quickly and accurately pull up a chart online for their clients, friends or family.

As APTA members and teachers you may already have had your chart drawn and find this a refresher, but for those who don’t have their chart yet the steps to cast your chart are below!

So let’s get started… is a highly renowned site which will not spam or compromise your information. The site offers free horoscopes and charts to get you started. The below steps are for a laptop but you can easily use your phone or tablet; the steps are the same but the layout for where to click might vary.

  1. Go to (it is called ASTRO DIENST)
  2. Click on tab “free horoscopes”
  3. Click on “Chart Drawing Ascendent”
  4. Follow prompts to enter your name, date, time and place of birth. Please use your birth certificate or official time of birth.
  5. Click “next” and open your chart
  6. To print your chart double click on the chart and a new screen opens up with just the chart. Print as usual.

Once you have your chart, begin by identifying your sun, moon and ascendant (AC) signs! These three signs are the basics for a Polarity session (more about this later). Next, look for the Leo ♌️ symbol in your chart. This is the area of your life that is getting most activated at this time. Depending on which house Leo is ruling will be the focus of this activation. look to the center of the wheel for the house number. I’ve listed the 12 houses and brief meanings at the end of this article. Feel free to browse the list of planets on your chart and what sign they were in at your birth. In the small rectangle chart you can see how many planets are in each element; “F” “A” “E” “W” (Fire, Air, Earth, Water).

Note: Knowing the exact time of your birth is important because it tells us the “degrees” and houses which makes a big difference when reading the chart! If you do not know your time of birth you can use noon to begin with. There are ways to track your life events and get a feel for what time you were born later as we continue studying.

The birth chart is like your soul’s signature or a mandala of planetary energies in the heavens with their relationship to earth at the moment of your birth.

This article begins a series that will cover the basics such as signs, houses, nodes, and astrocartography (the astrology of place).

My biggest advice is do not be intimidated and just dive in! I am available for questions through the APTA email

Happy chart casting!

See you next month right here at the APTA monthly newsletter!


Houses and brief meanings:

1st House –  physical body and appearance, self-discovery
2nd House – money, how you earn money, personal values, possessions
3rd House – early education, siblings, communication
4th House – home
5th House – children, creativity, the heart, sense of fun
6th House – daily service, health routines
7th House – partnerships, collaborations
8th House – death, birth, taxes, passive income, sex
9th House – higher education, foreign travel, languages
10th House – career, world stage
11th House – hopes and dreams, professional affiliations, friends
12th House – secrets, superpowers, self-sabotage, psychic abilities

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