Our Story

Since 1984, APTA has provided a foundation for the practice, honoring our roots in Dr. Stone’s work, while reaching toward future innovation and expansion.

Early Pioneers

The American Polarity Therapy Association began with a group of pioneers who cared deeply for this unique wellness practice and wanted to insure its survival and integrity.   Many had been working since the 1970s – students of Dr. Randolph Stone and his protégé, Pierre Pannetier.  They were seeing incredible results in their clients and wanted to establish the foundation for a profession.

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A Growing Community

APTA was officially launched in 1984 and held our first conference in 1986. The energy of the first conference felt like APTA had arrived, with friendly faces from all over the country, new connections, and a synergy of like minds working towards a common purpose. We expanded in the following years with a bookstore, regional chapters and a published directory of practitioners and schools.  APTA’s newsletter connected Polarity Practitioners around the country and the globe.

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For Today and Our Future

Today, the members and supporters of APTA continue on our mission of building community, setting forth and upholding high standards of practice, providing educational opportunities and sharing the life-changing practice of polarity therapy with the world. Our members come from all walks of life. Doctors and chiropractors, psychologists and school teachers, research scientists and yoga enthusiasts, acupuncturists and spiritual seekers have all found a home here.

In addition to our community and educational efforts, APTA works to support legislative changes that promote positive transformations in healthcare and wellness education. You can learn more about our current legislative efforts by clicking here.

As we grow into the future, we are working towards gaining accreditation for our certification program and expanding opportunities for our schools and practitioners. Our foundation, the American Polarity Therapy Foundation, is a 501(c)3 non-profit that supports research initiatives and awards the Dr. Stone Award for authors of scholarly work related to the field of polarity therapy. Charitable donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.


At the early APTA conferences, there was a great sense of community. It was all so exciting because it was the beginning of something, and it felt like we could change the world.

Marjori BernsteinEarly APTA Board Member