First Time Applicants


Certified Polarity Practitioners

Will you be the next one to join the ranks of practitioners that are prepared to share the life-changing effects of polarity therapy with your clients?

Taking the first steps toward certification…

How Do I Get Started?

If you have completed the required 675 hours of training with an APTA-approved polarity educator and an additional 125 hours of clinical supervision overseen by an RPE who has been a BCPP for at least two years, you may apply to sit for the board-certified examination. As a part of the application process, you must agree to adhere to the APTA Standards for Practice and the Code of Professional Conduct. Click here to email our office with questions or download the BCPP Candidate Handbook and application.

Once a completed application and all necessary supporting documents have been submitted to our office, members of the office staff and the Certification Governing Council will be in touch with you to schedule an exam and secure a proctor.

If you have yet to complete the necessary hours, click here learn more about the educational offerings that prepare an individual for the BCPP certification.

APTA maintains a of schools, courses or classes that offer APTA-approved Polarity Therapy curricula. This list is available on the APTA website. Inclusion on the list does not imply an endorsement of the school or program by the Certification Governing Council (CGC). APTA or the CGC make no representation that participation in any training or preparatory course ensures passing the examination.

The role of the CGC is to develop and approve the program requirements for the BCPP certification program. As such, certification program staff, volunteers, or anyone with access to confidential exam information are not involved in the approval of ATMs or the programs they teach. (BCPP Candidate Handbook, Eligibility Criteria, p9-10)

Certification Options for Members and Non-Members 

Fees and Discounts

The application fee for the BCPP certification is $249.00. This covers your testing and two-years of certification, assuming you succesfully pass the exam. At the end of two years, you can apply for recertification and present proof of having earned an acceptable number of continuing education units from an APTA-approved source. The cost of recertification is $249.00 every two years.

Individuals who are members of APTA save $99 on the initial application fee by only having to pay $150.00. They continue to save with each recertification by enjoying a reduced recertification fee of only $100.00 every two years. This is in addition to the APTA membership dues, but also affords them all of the benefits of membership and access to the complete resources of the members-only website.

Membership in the American Polarity Therapy Association is open to all those interested in the advancement of the practice of polarity therapy. Join today and take advantage of the savings available to members who are seeking certification.

APTA Members

If you are a current member of APTA and are ready to begin to the process of certification, click here to access the member’s area, log in, and visit the “Certification” tab.

Guest BCPP Option

If you’d prefer to continue pursuing certification at full cost and without access to all of the benefits of APTA membership, click here to create a guest account and begin the application process.

Mark and Logo Use

Use of mark and logo by individuals who have not been granted and maintained certification is expressly prohibited. APTA maintains ownership of all certificates, certification marks and logos.

Complaints and Disciplinary Action

If you were a client or other concerned individual and need to submit a complaint concerning the conduct of a candidate or certified practitioner, please click here to email the Certification Governing Council. More information about the complaint policy and disciplinary and appeal processes is available upon request by clicking here to contact our office via email.

Further Questions

If you have any other questions or need to request special accommodations for testing, please click here to email the Certification Governing Council. Likewise, if you feel that have been denied certification without just cause and would like to submit an appeal, click here. Answers to all other questions may be received by clicking here to contact our office via email.