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Guest Article – Insights into the Fundamental Field

By October 16, 2023Uncategorized

Insights into the Fundamental Field

By Dr. Richard Metz BCPP

© 2023 by Richard Metz


The Fundamental Field® of Advanced Energy Medicine (Fundamental Field) is a life-energy field that I discovered. I developed its therapeutic applications in over 35 years of clinical practice as a chiropractor and energy medicine physician. The Fundamental Field integrates into one system; Polarity Therapy, acupuncture, original chiropractic/cranial-sacral, jin shin, Ayurveda, and the various chakra based approaches. In the Fundamental Field these disciplines are left intact; they are not reinterpreted into other disciplines, acupuncture into polarity therapy for example. They are simply different parts of the all-encompassing Fundamental Field. 

How all these disparate and sometimes conflicting disciplines are created and fit together was a puzzle solved by modeling the eye-enter source chakra as a sub-atomic like particle with an electrostatic charge. When this center spins it creates a polarized magnetic field. Two transformations occur to this polarized field that generates all these disciplines. Briefly, the first is that the positive pole is inverted or pulled into the negative pole. This comes from Dr. Stone (Mystic Bible page 108) and from Babbitt (The Principles of Light and Color). Then the neutral pole unfolds to create the extremities and the acupuncture and jin shin energy systems. This is also how the “fate” of the individual is imprinted onto their hands and feet, as the neutral pole initially overlays the source center.

The Fundamental Field defines a polarity relationship between these disciplines that has therapeutic functions. Generally (there is overlap), the negative pole is the elemental chakras and the energies of polarity therapy and Ayurveda. The neutral pole consists of the acupuncture and jin shin energies. The positive pole is contained in the cranial-chiropractic approach. Following the basic Polarity Therapy protocol of addressing reflexes in each of the poles (positive, neutral, negative) all of these disciplines can be integrated into one approach. This is different and superior than using the different disciplines in combination.

The Fundamental Field model is based on the idea that consciousness is the intrinsic nature of reality. All that we observe are the expressions of this essence. These expressions, be they individual or universal, are the fundamental forces (electromagnetic, gravity, strong, weak) and organizing principles of nature. In this way the macrocosm is instantiated into the microcosm. Dr. Stone hinted at this, but did not make the fundamental forces in Polarity Therapy explicit. The Fundamental Field does this and in doing so takes Polarity Therapy to a new advanced level. It also provides a scientific framework to better comprehend these disciplines, life-energy, the elements, and subtle or finer reality. More information on the Fundamental Field, my practice, classes, book excerpts, and contact info can be found at 


Introduction to the World’s Most Advanced Energy Medicine

2nd Saturday and adjacent Sunday of every other month

Dates and Times:

2023 – Nov. 11 & 12

2024 – Jan 13 & 14, March 9 & 10, May 11 & 12, July 13 & 14

Sat. 10am – 2pm & Sun. 10am – 3pm

Cost: $275.00 Repeats: $137.00

Advanced Seminars will have zoom option


The Center of Advanced Energy Medicine

817 College Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Call to Register: 707-545-1347

In This Seminar You Will Learn:

  • The philosophical and scientific basis of the Fundamental Field and traditional energy medicine.
  • The origin of the different traditional energy medicine disciplines of; Polarity Therapy, Acupuncture/Acupressure, original Chiropractic, Jin Shin, Ayurveda, and more.
  • How these different energy systems are parts of one energy field, the Fundamental Field of Advanced Energy Medicine (Fundamental Field).
  • How these different traditional energy systems relate to one another.
  • How to apply this knowledge in a basic hands-on treatment protocol and integrate the Fundamental Field into other approaches.

For more info and book excerpts on the Fundamental Field contact Dr. Metz at or 707-545-1347

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