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Guest Article – Polarity Therapy: The Answer to All of Life’s Profound Questions

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Guest Article

Polarity Therapy:  The Answer to All of Life’s Profound Questions

Two of the most profound questions humans have asked since the beginning of time are:

*Who am I?   and

*Why am I here (or “what is my purpose”)?

To expand on these questions, the answer-seeker also needs to explore:

*Where did I come from?   and

*Where am I going after this life?

Polarity Therapy offers the framework in which to find these answers!

Out of the Four Foundations of Polarity Therapy, “Self-Awareness” is the one which holds eternal weight and delves into the deepest knowings.

It is in the lack of true Self-Awareness that disharmony and discord not only arise within the self, but manifests in interpersonal relationships, and then throws the entire world out of balance in the form of strife, wars, and the pursuit of power.

What does “Self-Awareness” actually mean?

The common definition is: “The conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires”.

Polarity Therapy takes this definition and broadens it to include:

  1. A conscious knowledge of the eternal soul
  2. A conscious knowledge that our essence originated in Source and through complex energetic weavings and patterns arrived here on Earth to experience a physical form
  3. A conscious knowledge that after this life we will return to Source

This is the core truth of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going after this life!

This leaves one more question: “Why am I here/What is my purpose?”.

The answer to this and an expansion on the question of “Who am I?” can be found in the qualities of the Five Elements and in the pursuit of finding balance within each.

There are many facets to explore and questions to ask for each Element, but here are a few to get you started:

  1.  Ether.
    1. Do you have enough space in your life?
    2. Are you able to communicate effectively?
    3. Are you able to “speak your truth”?
    4. Are you able to give others the space to speak and live out their truth?
    5. Are you able to allow stillness?
  2. Air.
    1. Do you love yourself?
    2. Do you love others?
    3. Do you have a love for humanity?
    4. Are you judgmental, or are you compassionate?
    5. What will it take for you to truly find inner peace?
  3. Fire.
    1. Are there any areas in your life right now that need cleansing?
    2. Do you have a healthy self-esteem/self-worth?
    3. Do you operate with clarity and possess focus?
    4. Do you find it difficult to forgive (either yourself or others)?
    5. What would it feel like if you let go of all anger?
  4. Water.
    1. Do you feel like your life has a “flow” to it?
    2. Have you had enough nurturing in your life?
    3. Are you able to feel your emotions and work through them?
    4. Do you allow yourself the time and space to experience pleasure?
    5. Do you have healthy boundaries or do certain people or things “spill over” into other areas?
  5. Earth.
    1. What is your anxiety level?
    2. Are your base needs being met? (Survival, shelter, etc.)
    3. Would you consider that your anxiety could be a result of a lack of security, stability, and protection?
    4. Do you feel connected to the earth?
    5. Do you spend time in nature?

The path to Self-Awareness is a lifelong journey which is unique for each individual.

As you experience this journey, know that the principles, theories, and truths found in Polarity Therapy can answer all of your deepest questions and help you discover where you came from, who you are, why you are here, and where you are going after this life.

Lucy A. Mills, B.S., BCPP, RPE, HHP


Global Academy for Energetic Education

I have written and developed an online course titled “Self-Awareness: From an Elemental Perspective” which expands on all of the above information.

To access this for free, please click here:

Please share this with others, because self-awareness is what we are all seeking.

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