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Guest Article – Polarity Days Conference in Zurich Switzerland 

By June 14, 2022Uncategorized

Guest Article

Polarity Days Conference in Zurich Switzerland 

Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.

I am happy to share with APTA my experience of the Polarity Days Conference in Zurich, Switzerland which took place April 1 -3, 2022. First it was something to fly to Switzerland with the various COVID restrictions which are now very different from country to country. Thea and I never knew from moment to moment if we would make it. We both learned a lot about the need in today’s world for the skill sets that Polarity Practitioners teach their clients in order to deal with daily stress. While we were in Switzerland, we saw Ukraine refugees arriving and always beneath the surface was an unspoken anxiety; an energy that carried echoes of WWII and so out of place in 2022. I could not think of a better time to have a Polarity gathering and unification of all we have to offer the world. 

Polarity Days is sponsored by Dr. Urs Honauer, the director of the Polarity Center and the Center of Inner Ecology in Zurich. Phil Young, Dr. James Feil, and I presented on different topics relative to Polarity and Polarity practice. Together we have a combined experience of 140 years of practicing Polarity. 

I began the conference with a presentation of the Polarity understanding of Vibration, Frequency, and Consciousness. Next Phil Young presented an in-depth history of Dr. Stone’s founding of Polarity Therapy with an emphasis on his interests in alchemy. Dr. File presented on the relationship of Dr. Stone’s Polarity Therapy to the work of Dr. Stanley Keleman and our ability to energetically shape our mind and body to meet the demands of life stressors. 

The common theme throughout Polarity Days was one of appreciating Dr. Stone’s contributions to the healing arts and the need for community where we can share and grow in our relationship to Polarity energy principles. Another theme for us presenters was to share our experience and mentor a new generation of Polarity Practitioners and their vision for the work. And yet another theme was the need for Polarity Practitioners in today’s world. I came to the realization that all my studies and clinical experience have been like a residency to prepare me for this time and the real work is just beginning.

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