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Guest Article – An Excerpt from the Writings of Dr. Randolph Stone

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Guest Article

An Excerpt from the Writings of Dr. Randolph Stone
Volume One, Book III, Chart 1

In the writings of Aristotle and in the Hindu texts of the Charaka [Caraka] and the Susruta [Sushruta], the heart was considered the central organ and the seat of consciousness. This was based upon the fact that the heart center with its twelve petals or branches of psychosomatic importance in connection with the two sympathetic chains and their ganglions was found to be the center of egoistic sentiments of affection and attachment, of fear, hate, doubt, remorse, pride and conceit.

But in the Tantric writings (as in Galen[1]) the seat of consciousness is placed in the brain or rather in the cerebrospinal system. The soul which is the primal center of consciousness in the body, has its special seat above the foramen of Monro [interventricular foramen] and the middle commissure [interthalamic adhesion, massa intermedia, gray commissure], but traverses the whole cerebrospinal axis – up and down – along the central canal of the spinal cord called the Shushumna [Sushumna].

In this chart the Shushumna [Sushumna] is illustrated by the heavy line in the very center of the upright spinal column and cord. It terminates as a microfilm of potential energy in the seed power mechanism in man. All living things which bear seed after their kind have this power of perpetuating themselves. With few exceptions, vegetation usually bears its fruit and seed upward.

The central line in this chart brings out the thought of the emanation or projection of energy from above downward and outward. Hence, we have the old Hermetic axiom, “As above, so below. As within, so without.”[2] In modern language, the good author James Allen[3] said, “As a man thinketh so is he.” This, in brief, illustrates Nature’s arrangement of the flow of finer forces. The end of the involutionary cycle is wrapped up in the seed power as “the foundation of the deep” from where it can start other cycles of manifestation.

In this symbolism is wrapped up the mystery of how the one energy can become many beings and lives. The one in the many and the many in the one are wrapped up in the manifestation of the seed power as One in All — the secret of the heights in the depths of being, and the deep reflecting itself in the heights.

The deep calls unto the deep in this mysterious power of creativeness in all things. The descending energy is a vibratory Sound Current in its positive primal action. The reflecting energy is a radiant Light Current in all things. In this manner “The Light from above shineth into the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.”[4]

The deepest psycho-physiology is explained in the Bible, but mankind has not understood. Modern science finds its depth in the details of matter, like the atom; only these end findings of matter are never assembled into a complete whole again. Man’s mind and thinking process is caught in the circumference of the manifestation of endless varieties of particles. The comprehension of a return current, back to its Source, is lacking.

Although man knows that the sensory currents all flow back to the center from where the energy emanated, he does not follow that path in the over-all picture of Life in the individual or in the cosmos. He is still caught in the motor-current cycle of the centrifugal force. The grand middle path of the neuter [neutral] energy core as a unifying principle and the way back home to the Source, has eluded the mind of man. The Light shines but it is not reflected upwards; only matter seems to have the light of interest and attraction for man. The vibratory activity of the Song of Life is in the heart and center of all things but it is not heard by mortal man. Even Job said, “And the Pleiades sang together.”[5] In the great and in the small, “Life is a song”. Man would be so much happier and feel at peace if he would trust this Omnipresent Life Energy and not be utterly caught and bound up in external details of self and selfishness of the material existence.

The sign of the Caduceus – the central staff with the wings attached to the brain – gives a clear idea of the findings of old as the keynote of the psychosomatic constitution of man. It was the insignia of the physicians of old in many countries — in India, in Egypt and in the Middle East — and is also used today, but its deeper meaning has been lost. It called attention to the most ancient findings of early civilizations, which findings were left to posterity in the form of pure symbolism and geometric designs. And the astonishing thing is that we are beginning to find out similar facts in the researches with the atomic viewpoint of energy fields and whirls, with Polarity potentials and relationship of parts, instead of merely material ideas of solids and connection by material wires and conveyors or tubes. Primary energy is wireless. Ancient anatomy and physiology was based on these whirling fields of energy in matter and they were known as ‘Chakras’. The wings attached to the Caduceus and the cerebrospinal nervous system gave the impression that the psyche or the soul and mind force was literally sustaining this system in the air by the large wings of the fabulous bird, the Roc. Such stories always had hints of real significance when the key to their application to the body or to life was understood.

What does it mean to us now, literally applied in terms of psychological value? This hidden symbol tells us of the true nature of the soul and its forces. Man is not a worm of the earth, held down by gravity and controlled by it, if he can but learn to spread the wings of his soul and raise his consciousness in the body by his higher mind and soul force and live thereby as a daily Reality, not as a mere belief or a theory.

The Totem pole of our early American Indians [Native Americans] contains the same symbolism and mystery. The large wings of the thunderbird (like the Roc) on top of the pole signify the over-spreading energy of soul and mind power. The soul itself is symbolized in the cerebrum, the top of the brain where the spiritual faculties reside. The symbols in between are similar to the Chakras of the Tantric system of old, as found in India. In fact, Dr. James Churchward[1], the noted archeologist, found his first traces of this symbolism in a temple in India, located in a valley where a branch of the Brahmaputra River has its origin. He traced the symbols to the Easter Island and then all the way up to Alaska. The understanding of such universal factors will open the mind of man to universal concepts of principles. Then man will discover his own potentiality of the inner powers of his being and will not remain bound by mere material observations and possessions held in the grip of gravity here.

The double chain of ganglions of the sympathetic nervous system — one on each side of the spinal column — is mostly a sensory and structural mechanism, as it and the medulla oblongata govern the autonomic function and the repair of the tissues and organs.

This is illustrated by the two serpents on the staff of the Caduceus. It is a dual force of positive and negative life breaths which are conveyed to all the tissues of the body. There is a crossover in each oval cavity of which there are five in the human body, according to the five-fold energy fields in Nature, which are built into the constitution of man as receiving sets or fields for the operation of the five forces or broadcasting wave lengths in Nature. By their crossing over in each field, a neuter [neutral] center of function is established therein. These centers connect by ramification of nerve fibres [fibers] with the cerebrospinal system.

It will be noted that in this cross-over of currents, the polarity changes through each field of action – BUT THE LEFT HALF OF THE BODY REMAINS NEGATIVE AND THE RIGHT HALF POSITIVE IN SPITE OF THE CENTRAL POLARIZATION. See chart No. 1, figure 5, book II. This life breath augments and stimulates all function and sustains it. By crossing over, it is stepped down, used, and it multiplies its action in various functions and details of supporting the tissues in their pattern of activity. In this chart and in No. 2 of book II, the principal functions of each oval cavity are clearly enumerated according to their physiological expression.

The upright staff of the Caduceus represents the fine energies of the Tree of Life, which becomes the spinal cord and column. After these finer currents of wireless energy have established nerves, arteries, veins and connections for themselves, it is hard to imagine that anyone would think that they then would cease to exist or to operate. The fact that after a radio broadcasting station is built it not only continues to exist, but operates by wires and by wireless currents, is generally accepted. It is even so in the human constitution which is an intricate receiving set for the cosmic forces which sustain man. The finer mechanism of it is wireless and is also conducted by wires and conveyors for the specialized stepped-down function of organs. It is dual in action — receiving and broadcasting — in its own fields.

Even as we need a radio set to condense and reproduce the patterns of energy broadcasted as sound or light waves, so does man have both mechanisms and a screen in the various sensitive tissues of the body. This is a startling new idea when applied to man’s anatomy and physiology. But upon deeper reflection, we know that man could never have built the radio or any other invention, if the principle did not already exist and operate in man himself and in the cosmos. Man merely tunes in and copies the Universal Pattern and ideas and adapts them for his own use.

The five oval lines of force which enclose this grand symbol of Life and Breath are the five specialized sense organ waves of electromagnetism which flow over the human body in opposite directions on each half of it; on the right side, down in front and up in the back; on left side, up in front and down in the back. See charts No’s. 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 in book II. The sign of Pisces (two fishes) swimming in opposite directions, also gives a hint of the flow of this psychological force. These are direct currents for the five senses and they do not cross over, otherwise there would be a confusion of the five special senses.

Both, man and animal, depend on a clear sense perception for their safety and mental integrity. One of the senses usually predominates in beings other than man. Birds, like the eagle and the hawk, soar at great heights but keep their keen vision on the ground. Other animals depend upon the sense of smell or hearing for their major sense of informing them of danger, of food supply, etc.

These electromagnetic waves pass over the body, extending approximately one-half inch over the surface of it. They are of a magnetic sensory attracting nature and convey definite sensory impulses from within outward and from without inward. They flow over the five fingers as their neuter [neutral] pole of expression, and over the five toes as their negative pole of motion. These are the living wireless waves of energy by which zone therapy produces its phenominal [phenomenal] results. It is too bad that only five arbitrary lines on each half of the body were considered in applying that therapy, as the success could have been much greater if the foundation currents and their Polarity function had been known.

In my text books No. I and II, these principles are fully illustrated in hand drawn charts. The principles are based upon an integrative system of structural and functional relationship of currents. The instructions for determining the direction of travel of these waves is also clearly demonstrated in charts No’s. 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 of book II.

This symbolic key chart of Polarity Principles brings to our attention the grand, over-all picture of the relationship of man to this universe, and a clear structural relationship of parts to each other. It is all based on the laws of the Trinity Principle in operation. Man’s construction and function is similar to that of the atom and the universe. He is between these two poles. Man can express the heights of the Infinitely Great and the depth of the infinitely small atoms which are the constituents of his being.

The soul is the essence of being and life in the body, and functions through the brain and the center of the spinal cord, to the end of the coccyx, as dual neuter [neutral] energy. The arms and legs are levers of polarized expression for skill and motion.

The cerebrospinal fluid seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the ultrasonic and the light energies. It bathes the spinal cord and is a reservoir for these finer essences, conducted by this fluidic media through all the fine nerve fibers as the first airy mind and life principle in the human body.

Through this neuter [neutral] essence, mind functions in and through matter as the light of intelligence. That is why it is the ruler of this fine energy in the fields of function. Mind energy is a reality, as much as and even more potent than atomic energy. A mental block is often a very serious matter. Who can restore the mind function or balance?

The soul acts through mind substance, energizing the polarized fields of the brain for specific function and motion. The sensory fields are in the front and on the top portion of the brain. The motor fields are in the back and the bottom portion of the brain. Waking consciousness resides in the anterior part of the brain, at a point between the two eyes and immediately above the bridge of the nose. In sleep, this essence descends to the lower centers. This describes a living physiology of energy function.

In this chart the life principle of the soul is expressed by its two wings as ultrasonic energy or positive action, and as radiant light waves or negative energy of perception and conception of ideas and impulses. This is the principle of sight and memory as stored impressions, like a photographic process. Physical functions are stepped-down currents from the primary energy, through conveyors (such as nerves, arteries, veins and lymphatics) for specific action.


Obstacles are God’s design

To make a man with a spine.

Tim Polak has been a BCPP since 2014 and is a graduate of Mary Jo Ruggeri’s Institute of Holistic Health Careers. Tim is the Treasurer of the APTA Board of Directors and has been a board member since 2018. You can reach him at

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