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Guest Article – BALANCE

By February 14, 2022Uncategorized

Guest Article

Tim Polak BCPP, APTA Treasurer

Balance is an often talked about but kind of a taboo word in society – I think because people don’t see it as achievable even though it is what we are all seeking. How often do we see articles on magazine covers or bumpers on talk shows about balancing home life, work life, time alone, time with family, etc. And even if someone finds both ends of the seesaw off the ground, they are often sweeping their finances and romances under the rug – the areas where balance is seemingly unattainable!

In walks Polarity Therapy. In a word, isn’t that what we’re doing here? Finding balance. Creating balance. Open any self-Polarity work and it’s about balance. Look at any goal of polarity work and it’s balance. Search ‘balance’ on Digital Dr. Stone and it will return an indigestible amount of hits in his writings. That’s because balance isn’t a topic – it is thee topic. 

Self-quoted on my website, “I used to think balance meant getting the scales to stay perfectly even. Experience has shown me that in life these scales are constantly tipping more to one side or the other. We must appreciate the moments of stillness. While I do enjoy the ‘feel good’ physical benefits of Polarity Therapy, my ultimate goal is to prolong that moment of stillness throughout a session so that it might carry on into the client’s daily life.” With all this focus on balance, are we as practitioners balanced?

Maybe it’s the libra in me, but it’s what I’ve been searching for my entire life – consciously and subconsciously. I certainly know it when I feel it and my how polarity has led to sustaining it! From learning how to breathe, to doing body scans, to Dr. Stone’s Vitality Balance to Amadea Morningstar’s books, I learned how to start at my core and let balance work it’s way outward. Isn’t it funny then, that my best lessons on self balance came from serving others. When I learn how to create balance in you, I find it for myself. In feeling for equally synced waves and pulsations in you, I recognize it in myself. By creating a sense of balance in you and teaching how to sustain it in daily life, I realize that I have attained what I have sought after for years.

To seek is to attempt to find something achievable or obtainable. When we seek balance or facilitate those who are seeking we must know that it is achievable and we have the tools get there. Polarity Therapy is so comprehensive because it considers balance on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. When we look at our own lives, it is easy to be wrapped up in the pain of the day. I encourage you to look back at your own path. I am willing to bet that you are more balanced than you think and if you’re not, you can easily self-diagnose where you are off. What a gift!

Tim Polak has been a BCPP since 2014 and is a graduate of Mary Jo Ruggeri’s Institute of Holistic Health Careers. Tim is the Treasurer of the APTA Board of Directors and has been a board member since 2018. You can reach him at

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