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A Healing Tarot Reading for APTA and IPEA

By January 10, 2021Uncategorized

by Miriam Jacobs RPP, RPE

I want to thank Lisa Nemzo and Phil Young for facilitating the tribute for Ray Castellino and Chris McGrath December 29th. I only had brief interactions with both of these men, but still feel
their loss. 

The Zoom gathering not only shared memories of these two wonderful souls but brought APTA and IPEA together. Also mentioned were other Polarity “elders” who are not well Chandana Becker and Charmaine. I must say it was an awesome group of individuals that came together on Zoom. This alone meant a lot to me.

After the meeting, I kept thinking about how things in the world are changing really fast. And wondered, couldn’t we as a community, especially on this auspicious Full Moon – this point of pattern disruption – ask for positive change and healing?

My question was “How do we as a Polarity community continue to transition into a whole?” (Lately I’ve been asking how and not what or why.) So I did what I usually do and pulled The Polarity Wellness Tarot cards for some guidance.

I used an elemental spread that reads from right to left emphasizing the following classifications:

FIRE – passions, spirit, and creativity – Page of Fire
WATER – emotions, relationships, and connections – Knight of Air
AIR – thoughts, ideas and communications – Queen of Water
EARTH – Physical, literal, and constructive – Six of Earth

Here is what I pulled:

Page of Fire (in a Fire placement) signifies new passions filled with confidence and
tenacity. S/he encourages us to utilize our creativity and follow our spirit. To embody
this: meditate followed by some Ha breaths.

Knight of Air (in a Water placement) focuses us to cut through and past our feelings or
any misgivings and move forward in a focused manner. To embody this: try some
shoulder circles!

Queen of Water (in an air placement) asks us to communicate with each other with
loving-kindness. She wants us to lead from our intuition and to be accepting. To
embody this: tell people what you appreciate about them and their work.

Six of Earth (in an earth placement) is the most significant card in this reading because
it is not a court card and is an earth card in the earth placement, which strengthens its
message and brings the previous court cards into action.

The Six of Earth is about good actions to determine the future. It is generosity for no
particular reason and being grateful of each other.
This card points out that the transition originally asked is about sharing of ideas and
creativity from a place that is beneficial for both organizations. It is uplifting and non
competitive. To embody this: relax your shoulders and slowly turn your head to look
over and behind on both sides.


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