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The Microcosm of this Moment – Your Practice in Changing Times

By October 16, 2020Uncategorized

by Heather Principe, BCPP, ATM

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what is to happen in the coming months and years to your practice, your training… if you are reading this, something you hold dear.  It’s certainly a valid concern, and I have some thoughts for you that might call you to a deeper level of your learning, a more subtle layer of your understanding. That understanding may take some patience, some “pause and settle,” but it will be worth it.

As we all know, the resounding “as above, so below” refers to all levels and layers of dynamic polarity. And, as you all know from your earlier training, what makes everything “Energetic” also “dynamic” is the presence of the third pole, Satvas. That space into which all can morph, change, grow or cease to be. Satvas can be both the nothingness and the potential – the involutionary/evolutionary “pot of gold” at the end of the movement.

What is clear, in this moment, is that the polarities are extreme. As above, so below. What does that mean?  It means that all layers and levels of what has been manifest is SHIFTING. The polarization becomes so extreme that the organism begins to break apart — to re-form.

So, in the microcosmic  view – YOUR practice, YOUR training – what does it mean? 

Well, at first glance, it might mean that your initial response  is to collapse. To resign into the no thing-ness. Then, there you are in the absolute silence of NO THING. 

In that nothingness there is the POTENTIAL (the potency) of what can be. You can’t force it or push it – it will be a waste of resource and your energy. It will be a distraction from the macrocosmic movement of the energy and it will “hurt” when you try to “push through”.

An easier path is to stay aware of the space (ETHER) that is allowable within which to manifest.

In simpler terms: “What CAN be done without resistance?” What can my practice become, given the new and limited parameters?  And, in order to do that, you need to have an expanded understanding of all the levels of the Healing art. What is Polarity at all its levels – not just the physiological presentation of the organism but the fascial, mental, emotional, and Spiritual presentation? 

We have an enormous resource in our community. These resourced teachers can support your expanded learning around addressing energy “in the ethers”.  Energetic Point holding is possible on the phone, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. Some of the most powerful sessions I have ever done have been offsite. 

So some advice – take a moment to feel the nothingness. Note your discomfort, address it with presence. Resist the urge to “assuage” it through any dissociated means. In other words, let your discomfort take you home to your own elemental imbalance. Stay there. 

In that  place, inspiration will manifest – Spirit will start to speak to you. Your practice will be reborn in its new Evolutionary Model.

Heather is the Owner of the Yoga & Polarity Center, founded in 1995. A lifelong student of Hermetics and Natural Physics, she is a journeywoman of the old ways, and has taught both Polarity and Cree Native Lodge teachings all over the world. Author of Ahimsa in Communication c. 2006 and Becoming Aware c.2017, she continues to teach successful programs in Polarity and Hermetics, with focus on self-development and the expansion of consciousness awareness.

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