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Putting your membership funds to good use: APTA has now officially opened an office that will be focused on research.

By September 11, 2020Uncategorized

Why is research a priority?

According to this newly released report on Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing, 5% of the US population is accessing some form of an energy healing modality, also known as biofield therapies.  There are an estimated 174,000 professional subtle energy/biofield practitioners in the US.  The market size is estimated to be around $2.8 billion annually.


Polarity Therapy is identified twice in this report. The report indicates that there are 43,000 graduates of polarity therapy training with 1,488 practicing in the US (p.42). Polarity Therapy is listed as one of the international training programs (p.47).

The scientific community’s interest in the human biofield and energy healing modalities is growing as the overall field expands. One of the key areas identified as a need by researchers is more practitioner involvement in study designs, assessment and outcomes.  It is vital that we organize ourselves as practitioners of an established and credentialed energy therapy practice and make ourselves known to the biofield scientific community so we can participate in the advancement and validation of this science. We want to be front and center as this national movement for energy medicine practice validation and popularity gains momentum.  This is a strategic priority for APTA in terms of representing our members needs and interests.

What will this office do?

APTA Research Office has two main focuses: internal and external. 

Internal will focus on gathering information from our members and other stakeholders to inform decision-making and strategic planning.  The external focus will work to get polarity therapy recognized and engaged with the scientific community and specifically involved in clinical trials.  The research office will also keep the ATPA community informed and engaged with recent research publications and findings.  Stay tuned for two big studies involving energy healing and practitioners being released this fall.

What are the specific initiatives of this office?

The immediate goals of this office include conducting surveys of our stakeholders.  An ATM survey was launched several months. Thank you to those who participated. We received vital information that will help improve APTA’s operations and strategic focus. The full report of the findings will be delivered to the APTA Board in September and to the ATM’s thereafter.  This will be followed by a members survey to hopefully be launched by October.  Then there will be more targeted surveys that focus specifically on research participation to support scientific community outreach.

 It is our intention to create an outreach packet that will introduce the practice of Polarity Therapy to scientific groups conducting biofield research convincing them of why Polarity Therapy should be the modality of choice for studying subtle energy and biofield healing.  Currently, Polarity is one of the understudied practices in the literature.  Reiki, Pranic Healing, and other modalities are receiving much more attention.  This is important because having a practice studied and published provides opportunities for press releases and media coverage.  If the findings are strong, this is an excellent way to market Polarity Therapy to many segments of the population- potential clients, medical community, scientific community at large, businesses, students, etc. 

 A library of relevant research will be established and accessible for all members to resource for marketing, press releases, student education, and advocacy for the practice of Polarity Therapy as a form of energy therapy.  Additionally, the research office will be supporting the board in collaborations and formation of key strategic partnerships with research organizations such as Institute of Noetic Science and the Consciousness and Healing Initiative. 

Finally, we will need your help in support in volunteering to participate in research studies.  This will be key. Stay tuned for more on this as the research office gets established.

As a member, what relationship will I have with the research office? 

It is important that we have your input.  These surveys represent an opportunity to make your voice heard and have your needs be considered.  We can’t address what we do not know about or understand.  We ask that when you receive a survey, please take the time to complete it to the best of your ability.  Our commitment is to try to limit the information we are asking from you so that they do not become too daunting.  Your perspectives and the data collected through the surveys will directly impact APTA’s decision-making, effective resource management and support  marketing and outreach initiatives with the goal of having Polarity Therapy recognized as the top biofield therapy modality in the country.

Who is managing the APTA Research Office’s responsibilities and initiatives?

Heather Lutz is currently studying at the Wellness Institute to complete her RPP level studies.  She holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship from James Madison University.  She has a M.Ed in Educational Psychology specializing in Social Foundations of Education from the University of Virginia.  She is currently working on her Doctorate in Integral Health specializing in Life Physics at California Institute for Human Science.  Her focus of study is on the human biofield and energy therapy practices.  In addition to Polarity, Heather has studied Pranic Healing, Brennan Healing Science, Amazonian shamanism and Afro-Brazilian mediumship, craniosacral therapy, and electrophysiology and biofeedback. 

If you are interested in volunteering for this office, please contact Heather at

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