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School Spotlight Life Force Energy with Grace Interview with Grace Harrington Murdoch, BCPP, RPE, RMT, RYSE03, JIN SHIN JYUTSU

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By Meredith Zelman Narissi, MS, BCPP

As you can see, I took liberty with the title. “Life Force Energy with Grace” could have been “Grace-ful Life Force Energy,” or any number of things; but I chose the former because it sums up a cool combination: the force which brings things into being, and a grace that speaks of elegance, poise and charm.

The combo is Grace Harrington Murdoch. In kindliness she pursues her goals. Young and eager, she is quite resolute and dedicated to her work. A harmony of passion and pursuit work in tandem to create further refinement. She remains enthusiastic and steadfast in creating her Polarity School. See if you can find these two energies in this article.

Meredith: Grace, tell us a little about the location of your school and what the area is like.    

Grace: My school is in a neighborhood called Magnolia. It’s a seaside town, with s around 7 other healing centers on the same street. We call it a mini-Vortex, because besides my space, we have a Yoga studio, Ayurvedic practitioners, a Sound healer, a Spa and even a Hearing Aid center with a Holistic bent. Just down the street is a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean. People say that driving to the space feels like a retreat in and of itself. It’s quiet and beautiful, which makes it perfect for healing spaces. 

Meredith: You mentioned some significant facts about the history.

Grace: The history is quite interesting. Lexington Avenue once housed the Lexington Hotel and a famous shopping area, including Tiffany’s. Almost everything on the street burned down in a huge fire. The building where my school resides is one that did not burn. Now it is filled with healing places.

Meredith: The logo for your school is remarkable …what are the four directions, besides North, South, East and West?

Grace: It represents Energy Medicine, Astrology, Earth Medicine, and Self-Realization; four aspects of my teaching. My philosophy includes offering people a “taste” of things; like Ayurveda, Essential Oils, Crystal Therapy, Energy Management Flower Essences, herbs and the like. My school has a diverse approach.

Meredith: What makes the school unique in its Polarity teaching and programming: for example, what kind of electives do you offer that are particular to your school?

Grace: We offer several varied modules on topics that will enhance Polarity sessions – intensives on Ayurveda, Essential Oils, & Energy Protection with Flower Essences to name a few. My personal background is in the mental health field, so we also really dive deep into therapeutic communication skills. In general, we have a lot of fun, for example, having potlucks that are themed according to the elements each month. These potlucks were inspired by Dr. Mary Jo Ruggieri’s schools. I was also mentored by Nancy Risley and Diane Palmer.

Meredith: Tell us about Schedule, dates and times – of upcoming classes that you may wish to share. 

Grace: We are beginning a new class this November but are currently full for this year! We generally meet once a month for class and once a month for clinicals. I welcome about 10 students per year. They have time to process this way.

Meredith: Do you offer online classes for remote students?

Grace: Not in Polarity at this time. I am working on developing some online classes for remote students, but not quite there yet! I hope to be by next year. Yet, we do have an online course you may be very interested in. I will tell you about it at the end of this article!

Meredith: I see that you offer remote sessions, can you tell us about that?

Grace: Yes, I learned about distance healing at Spa Tech with Nancy Risley. You can administer healing energetically through intention, prayer, Polarity Tracing and Reiki. I picture the table and the person and take it from there.

Meredith: Can you please tell us a little about yourself…in bio fashion.

Grace: Here is my bio as found on my website:

Grace Harrington Murdoch has always had an interest in what helps us heal.  As a writer, astrologer, healer and teacher this question has led her into studying many different types of healing and bodies of knowledge to distill down what she feels works best. In 2009, after several years of learning Jin Shin Jyutsu, Polarity therapy as well as studying Astrology, she decided to open her own healing practice, and much to her amazement she has seen many people heal from various spiritual, mental, emotional and even physical impairments. Her favorite thing to see in her practice is people getting better and taking more pleasure out of life and who they are as individuals and dreamers. In 2014, Grace went on to become a Reiki Master Teacher & Flower Essence practitioner . This was the beginning of her teaching practice which now includes many different classes, some of which she has written and some that were passed down to her.  In 2015 Grace went on to study and become certified as a Polarity Educator with Dr. Mary Jo Ruggieri in Ohio . She became certified and her school became independent & APTA approved in spring of 2019. Grace also holds her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and also majored in Sociology. Her previous career was running group homes for the Department of Mental Health. She worked in this field for about 9 years. In teaching, and in life, she follows what “lights her up,” and encourages her clients and friends to do the same.

You can find her website at

Meredith: How big is the school? What other Info would you like to share about it?

Grace: Our space is about 1200 square feet and has a large open space for the classroom, with a half wall dividing from a large treatment room. It’s been fully re-done, with gorgeous marble floors and fixtures in the bathroom, hardwood floors throughout and a giant brick hearth which reminds one of the old days of New England. 

We host lots of workshops and guest presenters at the space. Topics have included : Rituals of Self-Care; Alexander Technique for pain; Monthly Goddess nights; The Metaphysics of Fear, and more. I also teach Reiki regularly.

Meredith: I always find it fascinating how people come to Polarity Therapy. How did you get involved with Polarity?

Grace: Polarity was healing for me. It healed my nervous system after I was “burnt-out” from a previous job in mental health running group homes. And, it also cured my asthma. In short, it changed my life! It also gave me confidence since my energy work became so effective. I believe in it. It is empowering. To know and practice this detailed work is amazing. It helps create balance; then people can do more in their life.

Meredith: You also told me “Polarity found me.” That you were searching on-line to learn about sound healing, and you found Spa Tech where you had to sign up for Polarity in order to get the course on sound! What does Polarity mean to you now?

Grace: Polarity Rocks!! I am grateful it found me. I think being a healer is a calling. The Universe call you into it. The person you work on is the real healer. You become the “hollow reed,” that is the most effective healing of all. You become empty so someone can heal. I fell in love with Polarity Therapy when it found me, and I am eager to share and teach it now. As I said earlier, it changed my life…and it is empowering!

Meredith: What would you like to say to APTA members?

Grace: Members of APTA, it is so important that we share Polarity Therapy. It is meant to go further than it has. Share with as many types of people from different backgrounds as you can. Open it up to hospitals, big companies, and every Mom and Pop couple that is stressed out.

My second message to APTA is that marketing it is easier for people now, and marketing is so important. I use Acuity Scheduling which is an app that downloads appointments and classes, and it even offers coupons. Networking is essential too. I have built up a supportive community by going to events and giving talks. If fact, as promised,  I do offer a course on-line. It is about marketing, beautiful branding, and networking.

Meredith: That sounds greatly needed!!! What is the name of the course?

Grace: It is called How to Create a Successful Practice. It is an online 5-week course that reveals the nuts and bolts of building a successful Polarity practice. Here is the link:

 I never stop learning, and I am very eager to share what I know. My friends call me the “new Age Encyclopedia” presumably because I am always studying and learning about new aspects of healing.  I am very grateful for Polarity, and I have a passion to share it.

Did you find the two energies? The passion and the pursuit…the life force and the grace? I bet you find these same qualities within yourself. Imagine and feel how joyful and empowering it is as we bring them together; as we celebrate our Polarity Community together.

Contact Information:

Four Direction Integrative Health                                                                                                                 
6 Lexington Avenue
Magnolia, MA 01930
(Gloucester in GPS)



(978) 473-7445

Meredith Narissi

Meredith Zelman Narissi, MS, BCPP of Meredith’s Healing Arts… Enlightened Wellness, is a Board-Certified Polarity Therapist, meditation/yoga/dance teacher, and author of 7 Veils: Mystical Secrets of a Feminine Path to Enlightenment, which can be found on Amazon. She loves to dance in the spiritual realm!

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