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Essential Oils for Vitality

By November 14, 2019Uncategorized

By Tracy Griffiths, BCPP and Julie Sinclair, BCPP

Beginning this month with Thanksgiving, the holidays are officially upon us. And while it’s often a time of celebration and gatherings with friends and family, the busyness of the season can be draining. To add some daily zest—as well as a good dose of immune support, internal cleansing, and antioxidants—we suggest tapping into the healing qualities of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Whether it’s adding flavor to your favorite foods or taking the oils in capsules as dietary supplements, Young Living’s herb-, spice-, and citrus-focused Vitality dietary essential oil line offers everything from Rosemary and Thyme to Cumin and Lime, plus health-boosting supplements like JuvaCleanse, DiGize, and Longevity.

When essential oils are pure, they offer the power of plants in their most concentrated form. Unfortunately, many essential oils (even those found in health food stores) may be synthetic, adulterated, or diluted and can actually be toxic to us. Essential oils can be labeled as “pure” essential oil even if they contain as little as 5% essential oil. The remaining 95% can be synthetics or other toxic materials. This is why you only want to use essential oils that you know are genuine and pure.

Young Living carefully monitors the production of its oils from beginning to end not only on their own farms but also with their carefully vetted partner farms throughout the world. Their Seed-to-Seal process ensures that each essential oil is pure and potent. Beyond that, they use no pesticides, never over-harvest, and have each batch of oil quality-tested by independent partner labs.

In short, with Young Living, you know exactly where the plants for the oils come from, that they are harvested sustainably, and that the final product is pure and effective. If you’d like to take a look, here are their North American farms and their farms worldwide. Just like knowing where your food is sourced, it’s great to know where (and how) the plants for your essential oils are grown.

To give you an idea of how easy (and tasty!) it is to add the Vitality line of essential oils into your daily life, we’ve included a recipe for Cranberry Sauce that uses the essential oils of Orange, Lime, and Lemon. Enjoy!

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