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The Simple Truth: An Interview with Amanda Conn, LMT, BCPP, RPE

By October 15, 2019Uncategorized

Amanda ConnI guess we all know by now that the simple truth is not so simple! Yet when truth is spoken it has power in its simplicity. It makes it easy to communicate. Fewer boundaries need to be protected. The commune in communication vibrates with resonance. It inspires and permeates an intelligence of its own. This was how the discussion moved, and grew, in trust and sharing. Amanda is at ease with sharing her truth…and with listening to yours. Here is how our conversation, gathering of facts, and ideas grew. You are invited to eavesdrop.

Meredith: Tell us about the location of your school, and a little about the area.

Amanda: Port Clinton, Ohio is on the south shore of the Western basin of Lake Erie. It is a popular tourist town; the number one freshwater boating community perhaps in the United States. There are marinas and boats everywhere, and there is an archipelago between Canada and the U.S. that bridges a gap across this great lake. There is a lot of natural beauty here that attracts many people. The water element is abundant here, and it has a healing effect. There are many who come to relax and heal. There are numerous yoga studios, holistic health practitioners, and wellness centers. 

New Direction Holistic Health Careers

2924 NE Catawba Road

Port Clinton, Ohio 43452


Meredith: What makes your school unique in its Polarity teaching and programming: for example, what kind of electives do you offer that are particular to your school? How big is the school? What other Information would you like to share about it?

I offer both foundational and  advanced Polarity Therapy training programs.  One unique course I offer is Elemental Reflexology. It was created by my teachers, Dr. Ruggieri and Judy Tancinco. It combines traditional Reflexology and the Elements. 

My school is registered with the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools. This is significant for any student looking to start a new career in the field of holistic health, or one looking to continue their education by learning a new modality. It is a bona fide career college! 

Becoming APTA approved as a Training Manager was also important to me. Expansion is happening and although classes are now intimate, with a kind of 1-on-1 attention, where detail and time can be given, the school will continue to grow.

Amanda is also a “big networking kind of gal.” She loves to share, and she encourages combining the attributes of other schools and venues to round out the education offered to her Holistic Healing students. Besides offering Elemental Reflexology, APP and RPP training, Amanda shares ideas for further development.

Online classes aren’t offered yet, but she sees this as an obvious path of growth; especially because it offers more opportunities for students not so close-by.

At the moment New Direction Holistic Health Careers, LLC in Port Clinton, Ohio, focuses on small intimate groups for in-depth teaching. Although marketing can be challenging, Amanda is eager to learn more in order to grow her school. After all, she has been handed the torch from her elders: mentors and teachers like Dr. Ruggieri who has 20 plus years in polarity and education. Amanda is enthusiastic about keeping the legacy going.

In 2010, Amanda partnered with the Institute of Holistic Health Careers, to further her education. From IHHC, she earned her diploma as a Registered Polarity Practitioner, an Elemental Reflexologist, Holistic Health Advisor, and Health Building and Corporate Wellness Coach.

A proud achievement was to earn Board-Certified Polarity Practitioner and Registered Polarity Educator status. All these modalities now contribute to successfully serving her clients in Port Clinton, Ohio, where she has been building her practice for more than a decade. Amanda has been teaching Polarity Therapy and Elemental Reflexology for the last several years and is excited to now offer this training at her own Holistic Health Career School: New Direction Holistic Health Careers.

Meredith: How did you get involved with Polarity?

Amanda: As a massage therapist, I always knew there was more to helping a client feel better then soft tissue manipulation… seeing beyond the physical plane.

 I received something in the mail about learning Polarity therapy and followed through. And the rest is history.

 Amanda thought there was always a reason that the body was “talking” …something in the assessment was missing. She wanted to help people “get out of their heads and into their bodies” to notice this “body talking.” She would be working on the client’s sensitive gall bladder point of reference in reflexology, for example, and the client would be amazed that she related their sensitivity to a gall bladder issue. She wanted to bring them into the present. A place to know and feel the “power of consciousness.”

Amanda: In teaching Polarity we explore the step down of energy: chakras, elements, the nervous system and the physical body. The intention is always to peel back those layers in order to reach the chakras, through the elements…to go back to our ‘wireless anatomy.’

There is a science behind the art.  Once foundational protocols and principles are learned then intention and intuition can be explored.

My mantra is: Educate, Empower, Evolve!

Meredith: What does Polarity mean to you?

Amanda: Balance

I was pretty astounded that Amanda could define Polarity in one word! When I asked her to elaborate, she said: “Balance in life, balance in health, balance in mind, body and emotion…like the Hermetic Principle of Polarity…where are you on the continuum?”

She went on to say how much she loved the Polarity Conference. She found the sharing encouraging. As with many of us, it reaffirmed her path in this unique expression of healing work.

Meredith: What would you like to say to APTA members?

Amanda: Keep sharing, Let’s keep community: I loved being at the conference. Keep supporting APTA.

I also find it awesome that we now have Board-Certification. How awesome is BCPP!  It is exciting to market that. If we’re in the business of Polarity teaching or as a practitioner, we need to educate the public as to why Polarity Therapy is a stand-alone modality, as well as an adjunct to other modalities.

 We need to get it out there…that we have become nationally accredited! We should be recognized as a category of mainstream Holistic Health Care; the same as massage or Reiki, etc.

We are in a very tangible world and people have difficulty accepting the intangible world of energy. We can use my three E’s, my mantra: Educate, Empower, Evolve to spread the word…and the work!

Simply stated, Amanda Conn is comfortable with offering the “truth” of Polarity as a major path to Wellness and Well-being. Her deep intention is to bring forth the intangible into the physical realm of Health. Her dedication is pure and true.

Here is the Webster definition of truth: See if it applies!

Definition of truth

  • the body of real things, events, and facts
  • the state of being the case
  • a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality
  • a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true
  • the body of true statements and propositions
  • fidelity to a standard
  • sincerity in action, character, and utterance

HMMMM Seems true to me! Sounds like Amanda when she speaks!

Contact information and upcoming class schedule, please visit Amanda at…

New Direction Holistic Health Careers

2924 NE Catawba Road

Port Clinton, Ohio 43452



Meredith NarissiMeredith Zelman Narissi, MS, BCPP of Meredith’s Healing ArtsEnlightened Wellness, is a Board-Certified Polarity Therapist, meditation/yoga/dance teacher, and author of 7 Veils: Mystical Secrets of a Feminine Path to Enlightenment, which can be found on Amazon. She loves to dance in the spiritual realm!

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