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By October 15, 2019Uncategorized

Charlene Snow, Certification Office ManagerBy: Charlene Snow, Certification Office Manager

Continuing Education Update to Board Certified Polarity Practitioners

The content provided in eligible CEU activities must correspond to at least one of the exam content domains as identified by the most recent Job Analysis.

It is recognized that there may be variations in the quality of educational content across providers and across various delivery methods. Therefore, only continuing education activities (coursework, conference attendance, etc.) conducted by providers that are approved by the APTA Education Director are permitted. Certificants may contact APTA to ensure an activity meets the requirements for CEUs before submitting the recertification application.

CEU Resources

Types of professionally-related continuing education activities that are considered acceptable are listed below. For BCPPs, activities must be related to one or more content areas of the BCPP certification examination.


One of the best ways to obtain credits is to attend the APTA conference. Workshops taken at other health-related conferences will also qualify.

Local Offerings

  • Companies that offer workshops in many cities include Skillpath, Langevin, and others.
  • Check out your local health food store to see what workshops are being offered each month
  • Contact the closest Polarity program to see if they offer any workshops in addition to their practitioner program
  • Community college classes
  • American Nurses Association local offerings.

Online Classes

  • Many colleges and universities offer online courses
  • CEY Units at Home is an on-line provider of CEUs
  • The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has online classes
  • Many other companies offer CEU classes; just google the topic you are interested in


  • A maximum of five (5) credits may be obtained for reading related books with no more than one (1) credit awarded per book. Exceptions are Online CEU offerings by APTA.
  • A description of the book and how the practitioner benefitted from reading it is required.


Classes from CT School of Integrated Manual Therapy, Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, Institute of Conscious Bodywork/Alive and Well, Body Therapy Institute

Online sources:

APTA website


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