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Polarity Therapy and Five Star Neural Networks

By June 13, 2019APTA

John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D. ©2019

During my presentation at that upcoming American Polarity Therapy Conference I will use special BioSonic tuning forks tuned to five star geometry to create sonic networks that mimic neural networks. The following article is an overview of the new science of neural networks that can be applied to use of the five star pattern in Polarity Therapy.


One of the goals of modern biology is to understand how a system’s form influences its function. Changing a system’s form though alignment to five star geometry is fundamental to the practice of Polarity Therapy. Dr. Stone believed that when we came into alignment with the five star pattern our mental, emotional, and physical states are simultaneously influenced in a positive way. New research into how neural networks function is supporting the importance of five star geometry. Converging research suggests that neurons fire in coherent spatiotemporal geometric patterns and that higher dimensional geometric neural structures can form only when neural networks are sparsely connected. In order to form higher dimensional complex structures you have to lose connections and rediscover lower bound connections. This is completely radical thinking in neuroscience that is totally congruent with Dr. Stone’s concept of the five star geometric pattern as Natures Keyboard.


In the new neural science the  five star pattern is the optimal gateway to higher dimensional neural network patterns. The five star pattern in neural science is called a 5 neuron clique. 



Higher dimensional patterns are also represented by star clique networks.




Seven Star Neural Network Represented In Two Dimensions





Seven Star Neural Network Represented in Three Dimensions


There is no limit to higher dimensional star patterns.





Nine Dimensional Neural Network


The simlarities between the mathmatics of the neural science and ancient knowledge are amazing. For example, a seven star neural pattern can be compared to the seven star archetype of Athena’s web in which Athena represents the five pattern and Zeus represents higher dimensional star patterns. The key to Athena’s web is Athena or the five star archetype. When one becomes entangled in Athena’s Web they must return to the five star balance of Athena to become untangled.

     Athena’s Web 


To better understand how five star geometry changes our physical, emotional, and mental function we have to visualize Dr. Stone’s two dimensional charts of the five pointed star in the human body in three or more dimensions. We also have to visualize five star geometry as a pattern that repeats again and again throughout the mind and body. In other words, a five star neural network is congruent with the five star pattern observed in the human body.




3 dimensional five star pattern.


If the 3 dimensional five star pattern is taken apart we can see many geometric shapes that are bound together by five star geometry.


The five star pattern is congruent with Golden Mean proportions which are directly related to the Fibonacci series. This representation can be displayed in many different ways. What is most important is that five star geometry creates an infinite continuum of spirals within spirals. Godel’s incompleteness theorem says that anything you can draw a circle around cannot explain itself without referring to something outside the circle – something you have to assume but cannot prove. From a 5 star perspective we could say that alignment to a star pattern can only be realized be another alignment to a 5 star pattern and so on. Therapeutically the stories of our lives are like a television series that appears to come to completion, and at the last minute leave open another story for the next season. We continually getting lost, finding ourselves, and getting lost again. The five star pattern is the geometry of finding ourselves. I call alignment with the five star pattern through tuning forks Human Tuning. When we are in tune we are in a state of coherence and better able to make decisions about our lives.




The vortex of the spiral created by the five star pattern is often times referred to in the healing arts as a still point. In the following illustrations we see the propagation of spiral waves as necessary for neural coherence and the dimensional levels of the spiral waves connected by a vortex. Dr. Stone metaphorically refered to this diagram as “Santa Claus coming down the chimney”.



 The energy principle suggested by the neural science is that if one is caught in the web of a higher dimensional pattern (Athena’s Web) one must return, via the vortex (still point) to the five star pattern in order to heal. Therapeutically being caught in a higher dimensional pattern can manifest in many different ways i.e. addiction, depression, out of control emotions, repeating or obsessive thought disorders, as well as dysfunctional attachments to beauty, ideals, and visions. Guiding a client into the five star pattern using polarity energy principles expressed through touch, sound, color, and nutrition will allow  clients to let go of their attachments and transform their relationships with higher dimensional patterns.  

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