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A Rebel with A Cause An Interview with Bruce Burger, MA, BCPP, RPE

By May 13, 2019Uncategorized

By Meredith Zelman Narissi, MS, BCPP

I’ll let you in on a little secret. When Lisa Nemzo, our beloved President of APTA, asked me to write articles with interviews, instead of just my own musings, I said, “I’m not a reporter…I’m a writer!” Little did I know that I would be receiving profound gifts through these interviews. Gifts I wish to share with you of course…they don’t belong to me. They embody the wisdom from Sages of Polarity. And in this interview, with this sage, I felt understood and validated. 

All of us in Polarity are on the revolutionary, cutting-edge of practicing an ancient/new healing method, not fully embraced by the world…yet! We need reaffirmation, stimulation, and of course encouraging wisdom. Bruce Burger, author of the amazing book Esoteric Anatomy…the Body of Consciousness offers up this guidance and wisdom unequivocally and with great heart. 

He is a bit of a rebel. He enjoys the provocative statement every now and then. This may be why he succeeds in the enrichment of others. He gets right to the point, his knowledge steeped in ancient understandings and deep faith in what he does. 

Allow me to begin at the end. Usually I end the interview with this last question…What would you like to tell the members of ATPA? So, with your permission, we will start there. Here is what Bruce offers:

It is a great privilege to study Dr. Stone’s work. PT offers us an integral approach to right-livelihood and hi-level health… PT energy balancing sessions are as valuable to give as to receive! Facilitating Energy Exercise classes is a commitment to our own vitality. Following Dr. Stone and choosing a sattvic vegetarian health building diet is a key to inner peace. Contemplating Dr. Stone’s profound work will accelerate your evolution. PT offers practitioners an integral approach to right livelihood and living a holistic/holy way of life.

Polarity Therapy is unique in the healing arts for the clarity of its understanding and focus on Soul Communion as the key to healing and high-level wellness. PT offers a holistic approach to living a life of constant communion. Our Energy Balancing offers a profound experience of Soul Communion. Dr. Stone’s Energy Exercises facilitate bodily ease, lucidity and peace. The Polarity Cleansing diet is without parallel for rapidly opening the door to experience the gifts of high-level health.

My Energy Medicine course in Tiruvannamalai India involves a molecular transformation. It offers an immersion in the higher dimensional field of consciousness of mother India. India is the only place on earth with a thriving, living connection to the ancient wisdom! Being in India potentizes every element of the workshop. The Grace of the Energy Field of Sacred Mountain Arunachela is priceless… amplifying the power of our Energy Healing Bodywork.  The devotion that we nourish each day through our Mantra Yoga, echoes through the ancient ethers… Our immersion in Transpersonal Psychology/Unitive Consciousness is uniquely amplified in Tiruvannamalai, this ancient (and contemporary) center of Pilgrimage and Grace.

In the west we struggle to lift ourselves out of a dazed and confused life offered by the mainstream culture. We are bombarded by impulses toward disenchantment and alienation from life, nature and ourself. 

Life is inherently Divine. A fundamental quality of the Divine is revelation. There is a moment-to-moment experience of Revelation inherent in Life. Practices that nourish and enhance Life facilitate our own moment to moment experience of revelation! Our life becomes joyous! Auspicious! Polarity Therapy facilitates Revelation… Our clients are invited to revel in the experience of balanced energy, health and communion with the gifts of Life.

Life is inherently charismatic… Charisma is the gift of Grace. 

Invitation to Learn More…

Bruce Burger provides this unique, comprehensive 18 Day Energy As Medicine Training in Tiruvannamalai, India from January 5-22nd of 2020. Here, anywhere from 4 to 12 people are offered first-hand training, nestled in a sacred part of India.  Tiruvannamalai is less touched by present civilization than many other parts of the world. Bruce’s friendly and inviting website  guides the viewer through these parts of India. It even includes a photo of the taxi driver that is sent to pick you up at the airport! You are invited to a soulful journey within. 

Did you notice that the website says we are one?

An Accomplished Teacher and Mentor:

Bruce Burger, MA, BCPP, RPE, is the founder of the legendary Heartwood Institute and the Heartwood utopian educational community. He holds a B.S. from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania and an M.A. from The New School for Social Research. Trained in Sociology and Psychology, Bruce has been a member of the faculty of the University of Nevada, Newark State College and Rutgers University. In 1972, he left academia and spent years traveling and studying in Asia and India, in search of a deeper understanding of the human condition. He was guided to Polarity Therapy and has been teaching spiritual healing and transformational bodywork through Polarity Energy Balancing since 1977. Over the years he has served on the faculties of Ananda College of Living Wisdom, Nevada City, Ca. Flower House Therapy Center, San Pablo, Guatemala, and Polaritetsterapi School, Malling, Denmark, as well as workshops, in Norway, Italy, Germany. Bruce served on the Board of Directors of The American Polarity Therapy Association for five years. He enjoys grand-parenting, bird photography, chanting, hiking in nature, spiritual pilgrimage, and is webmaster for Vanamali Ashram in India.

Here is a further glimpse of what he brings to all of us…

Some of My favorite Wisdom Quotes from Bruce Burger…no need to paraphrase!

  • All is Sacred. Your Life is Sacred!
  • The body is an inter-dimensional portal to a higher dimension of health and unitive consciousness.
  • In the west we live with a Deist cosmology promulgated by monotheism in which God lies outside of creation, creates a material world and lets it go to hell…This as a particularly Western view of the world which separates spirituality from nature. This worldview is an outgrowth of predatory warlords who overtook 30,000+ years of nature worshiping, peaceful, matrifocal cultures of old Europe. (See the work of Marija Gimbutas on YouTube)
  • It is extremely scary thinking that you are simply just this body. Transpersonal Psychology connects us with Being. Communion with Being is a key to inner peace.
  • Every atom of your body has the potential to be a well-to-Being. Balanced energy promotes coherence in the field and communion with a higher dimension of Being.
  • There is no human church that can compare with the cathedral of Nature.
  • There is an inherent ecstasy in Life.
  • Embrace nature/service/love/joy/these gift of life= wisdom.
  • Yoga philosophy reveals that purpose of this knowledge is the total. final, complete, permanent, annihilation of suffering. 
  • Yoga philosophy reveals that ignorance is the cause of suffering… This ignorance is not merely mental… but cellular… an ignorance of your own divinity. Yoga facilitates a cellular, vibrational, transformation into a moment to moment ecstatic communion with your inherent divinity. This joy is your natural state.
  • Yoga philosophy does not demand belief in any dogma… but invites you to experience the fruit of your practice.
  • There is a Self-Organizing Intelligence which is at the heart of everything in Nature… You can call it God… Life… Or The Great Mystery.
  • Sages call this Ubiquitous Intelligence…The self. While everything else is changing…this Consciousness …is an unchanging Presence. It is this Presence, Cognizance, Awareness, Lucidity of the Self that illuminates all experience.
  • Life and Consciousness are inextricably bound…to be alive is to be conscious…to be conscious is to be alive. It is exactly the same Life… exactly same Presence, Ecstasy the same Self that is in every sentient being.
  • All Life is Divine… All Life is Sacred…Your Life is Sacred!
  • All beings are interrelated within the fabric of intelligence which is the cosmos.
  • Energy medicine is unique because it addresses the soul. It balances energy in tune with your own innate divinity.
  • Dr. Stone is the father of energy medicine in the west.
  • Life is God.
  • In the world’s oldest Spirituality, God does not create the world… Goddess becomes the world. All life is sacred. Goddess worship embodies three core principles…immanence, interconnection, and community.
  • Actualize Your Compassionate Nature. It is a blessing to be called to a life of compassionate service in the natural healing arts. To be an instrument of a caring universe. To consciously accelerate one’s evolution through a life of dedicated service. To take personal responsibility for the healing of humanity.

What Brought Bruce to Polarity?

It was destiny…he says with a laugh. After he left academia, he lived out of a backpack in India, searching for a deeper understanding of the human condition. In 1973 he was guided back to California to attend Dr. Stone’s last seminar. As destiny would have it, he missed the workshop. However, destiny wasn’t done with him because he still pursued Polarity Therapy. He experienced sessions with one of Dr Stone’s students, which he found astonishing…this led him to the Polarity Health Institute at Mt. Shasta where he began a lifelong immersion in Polarity Therapy.

What Bruce Brings to Polarity!

Bruce reminds us that Dr. Stone’s Polarity Therapy is unique as a healing art for its focus on the wisdom of the ancients. The most coherent transmission of this consciousness is found in the yoga philosophy and practice of India. “Some books on polarity do not address this deeper aspect of Dr. Stone’s work. Yoga offers an application of these principles which have been tested and replicated over thousands of years.” He adds that Polarity healing facilitates a somatic experience of connection to Being which is a foundation of emotional and physical health.

Liberation is not some otherworldly goal…but a moment to moment experience of lucidity, equanimity, and well-being that is available to us right now through the practice of Polarity Therapy.

I leave you with these precious words from Bruce Burger:

All Life is Sacred

Your life is Sacred

Know Thyself: You personify The Mystery

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