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If You Had a Polarity-Guru, What Might They Tell You? …An Interview with Ann Watters, RPE, BCPP

By March 15, 2019Uncategorized

By Meredith Zelman Narissi, MS, BCPP

Polarity is the law of opposites in their finer attraction from center to center. Unity is the merging of these currents into one Essence. Creation brings forth opposites by its centrifugal force, like a fountain spray of manifestation flowing out to the limits of the cosmos and of each pattern unit. …Franklyn Sills

Ann Watters’ life emulates this merging of opposites into one Essence. Her story takes us into extremes toward balance.

She has a profound warmth in her voice that is reflected in her smile. It serves her well, since she teaches Polarity in an intimate setting in a small community nestled between cool beaches, mountains, deserts, and wild places where mustangs roam. Here the seasons are not too extreme, although there were fires with climate change, but no drought this year. Natural beauty surrounds the area, and this is where Ann resides.

The warmth in her voice pervades our conversation and yet it is the same voice which led her into strange territories; territories more spiritual than geographic. There was a time it took her to the brink of existence.

Ann had a challenging childhood and left her family home to join the military. Wanting to see the world, she set off…finding herself the “only girl surrounded by 5000 men.” Not safe, she was almost killed and raped, yet survived. Eventually, she managed an honorable medical discharge and left the military, acknowledging that she had “learned a lot.” It was a tumultuous time of change during the 60’s and 70s, and Ann experienced these changes on a very personal level. Her philosophy realizes life experience as a great tool for spiritual guidance.

On to the Bay area in California, the extremes began. Entering college to study Theater, she met a well-known voice coach, Judy Davis, who had worked with Barbara Streisand and other famous singers. Judy was extremely encouraging as she recognized Ann’s talents. Before long, Ann became enmeshed within the artistic community…with all its accoutrements. Many artistic friends, including Jane Fonda, connected her with “strong women” of the time. Yet in Haight-Ashbury she was challenged.

In Haight Ashbury I met hedonism and spirituality on many levels. I experienced sexuality in many forms always hoping to find a real love in someone. The problem was I had misplaced devotion, so I had to die first to awaken to the meaning of Divine Love. Extreme living or dying led to my profound need to find balance. Polarity Therapy helped me answer many of those questions and the Spiritual Path with Huzur as my Master was the icing on the energy cake. SWEET!

Now she reflects: calling her younger self a “Diva-Doll…one hard to live with.” Although proposed to three times, she has never married, even to the man she really loved.

As the downward experiential spiral continued, it sadly led to a suicide attempt. Conversely, in a grand Polarity leap, she underwent an out-of-body experience which changed her entire life. Subsequently, she encountered a back-to-body experience where she became a new person who found God. The inner voice message she received was that…” I had to Serve!”

This brought Ann into the Holy Order of MANS. The stated mission and purpose of the Holy Order of MANS was to guide all to union with the Divine-self of God within, the Divine spark. It was a Christian community that had many Eastern philosophies woven throughout. One of its missions was to bring marriage into the Catholic church. Ann became a “Sister” and took vows with the order. Wearing clerics and a simple cross around her neck, depicting that Christ-ascended and can be found within.

 Here within Holy Order of MANS, she found a “Brother” Luke. He was also a chiropractor who practiced postural integration… (Rolfing…Ida Rolf); and Ann’s experiences, as she became his client, awakened her body- knowing. Soon she found herself at the Polarity Institute!

As all progressed, she was also led to her guru Huzur Maharaj Charan Singh ji. Working with her spiritual master, and studying Polarity, she continued to grow, learn, and finally teach Polarity in Oregon where she now resides. The fellowship she found at the Polarity Institute brought her many peer people who helped meld her spirituality with shared Polarity concepts.

John and Anna Chitty, Sharon Porter, and Will Liechnitz were very instrumental. There were many more great teachers of Polarity Therapy. It changed my entire life working with them all; plus being on the Path… the same one as Dr Stone.

Today Ann Watters has a practice and school… Polarity Center of Salem in Salem, Oregon that is quite unique. She offers intimate “home-school” learning with 1 to 4 people for APP and CEU’s with an emphasis on personal self-growth. Like a “Polarity-Guru” she has expectations for her clients to help them evolve.

Being very particular about who she teaches, her requirements stipulate that her students “need to be physically fit and in stable life situations. If not, they need to do session work before entering my classroom.”  For example, Ann asks that they are vegetarian in order to “deepen their sensitivity.” She lives this lifestyle herself.

I follow Dr. Stones diet, yoga exercises, and concept of self-study.

When you keep making the same mistakes, what does it take to get back to balance? 

People will evolve based on their personal experience.

I work with the emotional body: it is on-the-job training. Kinesthetic learning comes first, then the lessons of the student’s life start emerging from the cellular tissue level, and balance can begin.  

Her healing- teaching space is intimate and exclusive. Ann’s work is “hands-on,” not on the internet. She sees Polarity as “Energetic Mystical Polarity” balanced with rules and regulations. That is why she is pleased about the legislation she has been active with in the state of Oregon. Along with the help of Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson, La Rose Daniels, John Chitty, and others who all helped negotiate legislature business for APTA, Polarity can now stand on its own criteria as a recognized modality. She affirms that we must follow certain things to grow and get legally recognized; such as the BCPP.

I leave you with Ann’s aesthetic, precious, and profound words. This is what she beautifully and    generously shared when I asked…

 “What do you wish to tell our Polarity Community?”

Polarity helped me to understand my body energetically.

Polarity understanding leads one to the doorway of their spiritual Path.

Seek the Source within yourself. The energetic life within you is the energy within everything. Even rocks will cry out when the energy is enough!

Deal with karma and the many lifetimes you have had. We have been here creating our bodies to experience a fully realized awareness of all the polarities. We must remember and heal all the bodies we have been in, and free ourselves of karma to become light and sound.

Raise your level of consciousness which will expand compassion, loving kindness and your sensitivity in order to become a real human being.

Give birth to your life.

We have this potential.

Polarity Therapy is a stepping stone towards helping one realize themselves, and then to realize God.

It awakens the person to the energy of life that is within each cell of the body.

Ann can be reached here:

Polarity Center of Salem

Ann Watters RPE, BCPP

1940 Breyman Street NE

Salem, Oregon 97301-4352, US

Phone: 503-581- 6512


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