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The Quantum Leap: An Interview with Dr. Damon Fazio

By December 18, 2018Uncategorized

by Meredith Zelma Narissi, MS, RPP

“Polarity is a jewel,” he said. It is like a “big basket that holds everything and honors consciousness and the soul…modern medicine does not even recognize the soul.” Just a few words from the naturopathic doctor who humbly concedes to not having “wisdom!” I beg to differ! His inner wisdom is what brought him to Polarity in the first place.

While experiencing his first Polarity session Damon was intrigued. So when offered Dr. Stone’s books, he found himself immersed in what he now calls theory. He experienced a powerful attraction …a resonance that confirmed some inner knowing. Shall we say a Quantum Leap! It led him to take a hiatus from Natropathetic school, and to go to the Alive Polarity Institute on Orcus Island for three months. At that time, the Naturopathic school was friendly toward Polarity, and the Dean, having known Dr. Stone, supported the motion. Damon was on his way. It was theory that drew his attention… like a magnet. All of his experiences: military school, a deep love of horses, an undergraduate degree in psychology, and visiting patients in the psych-hospital helped him gravitate toward natural, not chemical, ways of healing. Intrigued by theory, he respected the holistic approach as a more natural path.

There were synchronicities. Dr. Damon Fazio had studied meditation with some formidable teachers, one in particular, Sant Darshan Singh Ji, who had studied under Dr. Stone’s guru, Hazur Babba Sawan Singh Ji, (both Masters of Sant Mat or Science of Spirituality) who recommended a book by Julian Johnson, called The Path of the Masters…a book Damon later found was very near and dear to Dr. Stone, as well as to himself. He was on the same spiritual path, intrigued by similar interests. This was a kind of confirmation of a meeting of the minds. Damon says:

Polarity theory was understandable to me: the step down, the chakras, the basis of Ayurvedic principles which mimic science and quantum physics.

If people really understood Polarity Principles they would stampede toward Polarity!

He elaborates further that the three principles of Polarity mirror the positive proton, the negative electron, and the neutral neutron, and that the basic quantum theorems support that we have an energetic essence. I felt that Dr. Fazio could have talked for quite a bit about fascinating analogies between how the universe works and how we work. I wanted to hear more. That is certainly the sign of a most wonderful teacher.

Dr. Fazio’s passion led him further to embrace Polarity.  He sees it as parallel to quantum physics and the spirituality of real modern science. Science is actually an Art, we discussed. The old western Newtonian modes lead traditional medicine toward bio chemistry and taking medicine…whereas Polarity addresses lifestyle, health, thoughts, and emotions,  seeing the body as more than a mechanical apparatus. “Polarity is based on physics, not Voodoo!” says Damon. Quantum is more scientific than pharmaceutical corporate business. We are not mechanical machines, yet “people trust ads and promotions. ..they may miss that Polarity and quantum physics are on the cutting edge.”

Damon says, “Touch is the basic healing modality.” People need to be touched in healing ways. Dr. Damon Fazio is teaching Polarity this Spring at Universal Spa Training. He presents his introduction as follows:

Polarity Therapy offers you the tools you need to discover the full, integrated picture of health from a complete perspective – mind, body, and spirit – and supports you to find a more balanced lifestyle.

Some who come to study with him include psychotherapists, massage therapists, physical therapists, yoga teachers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, eastern medicine practitioners, traditional Chinese medicine doctors, personal trainers, mothers, students, and more… people looking for answers to chronic health issues, and people seeking guidance to change their lifestyle and gain a deeper understanding of health. Sometimes they come for personal insight, and sometimes to seek professional accreditation. For processional Polarity training, students take a course that is the foundation level required. It is focused on the profound areas of diet, lifestyle, energetic bodywork, and contemplative practices to encourage a life of balance, and to prepare for further study.

His next program will be held in Spring 2018, at Universal Spa Training Academy 340 Burlington Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515. Contact Information Call : 505.918.3922 Email :

Dr. Fazio has created, directed, and taught Polarity Therapy Training Programs nationally and internationally since 1981. He is a Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Polarity Therapy Educator, and Board-Certified Polarity Therapy Practitioner. He has a small private practice in Wheaton, Illinois, where he offers a select number of patients a unique blend of Polarity Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Homeopathy, Cranial Sacral, and Botanical Medicine.

His further accolades include founding the first full time Registered Polarity Therapy Practitioner training back in 1992 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He visits Japan annually to teach Polarity in Kobe, and he has been honored by the American Polarity Therapy Association, our beloved APTA, for pioneering work; and he served on the board for 18 years, and two years as President. He continued his service developing standardization of accreditation and practice guidelines thereby raising the standard for Polarity Therapy education and practice.

In his humble way, Dr. Fazio credits his knowledge to having had really good teachers, and like any great student he honors them. “One such teacher was Dr. Jim Said, ND DC, among the many great teachers I had the privilege to learn from.”

When I asked what message he would wish to share with You at APTA, he said:

Understanding theory is paramount. Polarity therapists are not just using a bunch of techniques where one hand goes here, and the other goes there…it is more about bodywork derived from understanding the theory. That way you are supporting the process and the practitioner can make up their own format specific to the client’s needs.

Dr. Damon Fazio is supportive of the professionalism being stimulated by APTA. He is aware that although people appear to be familiar with Reiki, or even Cranial Sacral, the word Polarity may still allude most people. Perhaps “ads about Polarity need to go into massage magazines,” he suggests. The need to market Polarity Therapy remains. “We need to inform the public about Polarity Therapy!” He believes that as we educate the public, more people can benefit from this “jewel” of quantum healing. Mass marketing and marketing experts could shed light on this miraculous jewel. The older model of science seems to concern itself with the outer world, and the art of Polarity theory acknowledges inner knowing through experience.

Dr Damon left me pondering what a privilege it is to study Polarity…with its inherent theories. He illuminated how Polarity theory is closely aligned not only with ancient knowledge from the great sages of old, but also with the most dedicated and progressive scientists of today.

In our discussion, we could have digressed further on science, art, and theory. For that further depth… you may wish to take one of his inviting courses!

You are invited to take the Quantum Leap!

Want more info? Contact Dr. Damon Fazio

Universal Spa Training Academy 340 Burlington Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515. Contact Information

Call : 505.918.3922

Email :


  • Letitia Bunge says:

    Damon is an am amazing faculty, incredibly intelligent, as well as humble.

  • Rita Cumming says:

    He is so right – he has always known – I had the good fortune to study with him in Santa Fe in 1992.

  • Debra Guillow says:

    We studied with Damon in Vermont and he is a fabulous teacher. I was also fortunate to have a session with him. I agree with Damon about the need to deeply understand polarity theory. It’s not just about following a “recipe”…it’s about learning to cook! Once we understand the principles we can take our practice with our clients where it leads us. I like to think that Dr Stone would be proud that his work is evolving with each of us!

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