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Hot Chocolate and Sparks of Insight

By November 14, 2018Uncategorized

By: Meredith Zelman Narissi, MS. RPP.

I’m having a delicious cup of hot chocolate at the moment. It must be post-hypnotic suggestion. She made some reference to healing circles with people sitting around sipping a potent elixir of dreamy hot chocolate. The image I conjured up led me right to the yummy experience I’m having now while writing. Why don’t you join me while I tell you about this woman who seems to spark many a magical moment.

As fiery as she is, she lives in northern New York, close to Canada, where hot chocolate might be essential. Her school is called The Polarity Center of Syracuse, at Stone Totem Yoga Studio, 5397 Nichols Rd, Tully NY 13159.

Like many other polarity therapists, her work began as a massage therapist, with a bit of a twist. She found herself gravitating toward cranial and lymphatic work, seemingly always on the cutting edge of learning. Her enthusiastic partner…Judy O’ Neill, who still works tandem with her at her sister school, also shared in her desire to learn deeper ways of practice. They now teach Polarity and other healing arts. Her husband Brian is also involved. I told you about her post-hypnotic suggestions!

So if you live North, you may have guessed that I am talking about Naomi Kenealy. She humbly prides her success on the inspiration of Judy who one day said “I’ve been thinking!” Obviously this is a personal joke between them, because when she starts “thinking,” something happens. As fate would have it, the two massage therapists ordered Dr. Stones books. “I have no idea what I’m looking at, but I want it!” thought Naomi, as she studied Dr. Stone. After pouring over the idea of wireless anatomy, they decided to study with John Beaulieu. Rather than drive through the snow, they followed his manual, did homework, and used phone conversations. Eventually they both sought out Maryjo Ruggeri who guided them to RPP status.

” I Couldn’t stop,” was Naomi’s attitude. It led her to become an RPE, BCPP and an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Her husband Brian Kenealy, founder of Stone Totem Yoga, is a certified teacher in Yoga for Well-Being, Krishnamacharya Yoga and Yoga-Ed. He is also a Reiki Master, Adapted Physical Education teacher and business confidant. Naomi, as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Brian, as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, both offer Ayurvedic consults, dietary recommendations, Panchakarma detoxification therapies, personal Yoga practices (Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation), and other wellness practices.

Naomi’s spark of fiery inspiration is contagious. She has since noticed similar enthusiasm in her students. As The Polarity Center of Syracuse is a small and intimate school, there is wonderful rapport between the students who continue to meet and share ideas well after their certification.

Every time I do an RPP program, a new layer peals away for us. I’ve noticed over 10 years, that each class has progressively raised the bar. It is an energetic shift that is moving forward toward the next level. When the polarity community gets together and they have open dialogue, I feel Dr. Stone channeling through.

In her practice, which embraces Polarity Therapy, Ayurvedic knowledge, Aroma Therapy, Sound Healing, Crystal bowls and Crystals, Shamanic studies and more, Naomi says:   ” I keep expanding my knowledge base. I like the flexibility, as long as it is safe, of openness to all things in the healing world including modern medicine.”

Like many healers, she alludes to a personal journey where she too overcame a medical challenge that ultimately offered her deep insight into the true meaning of compassion. Retrospectively, it offered her a gift of understanding the process. This is how she expresses it to her clients…”Let’s go on this path together. Your body knows what it needs, and it’s my job to hear that.” I found that to be quite a wonderful definition of a wise Polarity Practitioner! I think Dr. Stone would be smiling! Even while drinking hot chocolate…or should I say tea?

When I asked Naomi Kenealy what she would want to share with APTA members here is what she offered.

I would like to see more community and connection, the fear of competition vanish, and more outreach of camaraderie to support one another. Community connection is needed. We could have the courage to embrace Dr. Stones body of work and go beyond to the next level. This leap of faith would move us ever forward. This is energy, for crying out loud, let’s keep it moving!

I second the motion! Thank you Naomi for your wonderful sharing.

Check out Naomi Kenealy LMT, BCPP, RPE,RALC

Polarity Center of Syracuse

The Polarity Center of Syracuse specializes in Polarity Therapy, a comprehensive health care system designed to help you heal naturally from illness and injury, and bring your body, mind and spirit into a state of balance, harmony and health.

Stone Totem Yoga Studio

5397 Nichols Rd

Tully NY 13159


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