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Jewels of Polarity: A Talk with Nancy Risley

By October 15, 2018Uncategorized

by Meredith Zelman Narissi, RPP

She had me at Hello!

Really… a warm voice with a cheerful greeting, and we were instantly connected. The conversation flowed freely, like an unblocked current of energy. Not only that, every time I wrote a quote of what she said, I wanted to put an exclamation point at the end! Maybe even two!! I most definitely wish to meet her in person. Talk about charming and magnetic; it is no wonder her life has taken this gifted course. I can’t be stingy about sharing her energy, and soon you’ll see why. Nancy Risley has taken Polarity to another level. Here is how it all began.

Nancy’s Journey

While living in California, she was an astrologer, a conscious channel, a massage therapist, licensed in many “little” courses, and totally open, being drawn to her calling.  Before California, she studied in England and earned the title “Member of the Faculty of Psychiatrics 1975-76.  Basically, it was massage, aromatherapy and the physical healing disciplines at the time.  Did I mention she traveled?  At that time, England embraced massage and aromatherapy. Many people in England were hungry for homeopathic healing. Even the Queen of England went to a homeopathic hospital.

In college, Nancy majored in nutrition and studied various sciences, including chemistry. She says, ” I love Science.” Coming by this naturally, she has descended from a ” line of surgeons.” Memories of her father, a surgeon, include his coming home from work with fascinating videos, and mechanisms for innovative, healing ideas on the forefront of medical advancement specifically vascular surgery. He was a wise and wonderful teacher by example, as well as through sharing. She credits him with teaching her Innovation, something she practices repeatedly as we follow her road of successes.

Inspiration and Innovation

Back in California, Nancy was serendipitously inspired by a book called Astrology, Psychology, and the 4 Elements. Like a signpost, at the very back of the book, one quote captivated her attention:

“Dr. Stone uses the language of astrology to talk about communication of body, emotion, and spirit; He developed Polarity Therapy, the healing art of the future!”

Feeling the impact of these words as if they were written just for her, she found a Polarity Therapist and promptly received her very first session. A life changing shift.

Being an avid student, she moved on to the East coast where she studied with Philip Aberman: learning, and finally teaching for him as well. By 1980 Nancy had an extremely successful practice in massage and Polarity Therapy. Clients kept referring other clients to her, and her practice grew. She continued to teach, channel, and meet people who were seeking healing beyond the medical model. In retrospect, she notes that many of her clients went on to becoming founders in major holistic and healing movements of their own. She felt like she had attracted fabulous clients.

“When Polarity is done right it helps you manifest.” says Nancy. It’s a matter of understanding how energy works. Dr Stone says, “Energy moves until it hits its next block.” Nancy believes that “Polarity hooks up pathways where energy can move; otherwise as long as the block exists, it attracts to itself. When we move it and get a current going, it has no block!”

In the late 90’s Nancy wrote a book called RYSE (Realizing your Sublime Energies), Tools for Life, and she designed and still teaches a 16-hour course on RYSE tools for life. She has subsequently embedded this practice into her level 1 Polarity Training since it helps her students understand Polarity on a deeper level.  Perhaps, this is her expression of Innovative.

Jewels of Polarity Work

Now we are entering times closer to the present where you will see the jewels of her work. Besides teaching and sharing her knowledge in books, she formed four schools. They are highly successful, and still growing.

Nancy started her first school in 1980, the Polarity Realization Center. The name has changed to Spa Tech Institute. Other courses besides Polarity are taught at Spa Tech Institute however, they are there to expose more people to Polarity Therapy. Everyone at Spa Tech Institute has the opportunity to and is encouraged to experience Polarity Therapy.

Spa Tech Institute now has four locations:  Westbrook/Portland Maine and Ipswich, Plymouth and Westborough, Massachusetts.

Quite simply, students choose Spa Tech Institute because they want a superior education from a school with a reputation for quality that is seen as a leader in the industry. There are various courses offered as well as beginning and advanced Polarity programs. The website contains much more information. Our own APTA President, Lisa Nemzo, has published videos she took of Spa Tech Institute on Face Book!

Please check out the website for Spa Tech to see the four locations

Generously, Nancy was also instrumental in helping APTA form the Standards of Practice.  She was the first chair of the Certification Governing Board (now committee) and remained on the APTA board until 2016. Even now, she has contributed greatly to the BCPP concept and the body of knowledge used for testing and giving Polarity the recognition it deserves. She is happy to endorse Lisa Nemzo as president, along with the fine work the board is doing at this time.

Deeper Questions I asked Nancy Risley


What was your very best experience with Polarity?


Every time a client has enormous success, to me this is amazing. I care about making life better…and doing it quickly and efficiently…at the speed of being human.

She has gone from seeing clients for 1 hour and 15-minute sessions which included seeing the same clients and families for well over 20 years, to moving into long distance sessions, to referring the students she has taught, who are now Polarity Therapists.


What are you doing now?


I am the owner of Spa Tech: four schools. Each location offers 3 Level 1 Polarity Programs a year and one Advanced Level Polarity Program.  Level 1 Polarity prepares students to apply for APTA’s   APP level. Advanced Polarity includes preparation to apply for APTA’s RPP Level and applying for the BCPP status.

Nancy prides herself on having rigorous teacher training, noting that the quality of teaching is paramount. And, as if that weren’t enough, she has written over 28 bodywork and business skills books, 6 of which are on Polarity therapy.


How do you get people interested in studying and experiencing Polarity?


You don’t make anybody do anything.”

But her offering must be inspirational. She has mentored so many. Her earliest clients repeatedly told her that after receiving regular sessions for up to 20 years, they noticed that   while they were thriving and getting better, their friends were falling apart. Her Polarity clients were in her words… “paying attention…they were in alignment to the quality of their lives”.


What is your philosophy of being in alignment with Polarity?


Polarity is the study of the relationship between the body, mind, emotions and life force, and once somebody has had a session and their energy is freed-up, it has the potential to create health and wellbeing in all those areas. We can all live a thriving and fulfilled life.

I invite you to visit Nancy’s schools at Spa Tech Institute, and please visit her wonderful website.  It is vast and inviting. Showing all of us the potential of sharing Polarity. Lisa Nemzo has taken some videos of one of the schools and it is inspiring.

Lastly, I asked Nancy…


What do you wish to tell APTA members?


Quoting Dr. Stone…’You don’t choose Polarity, Polarity chooses you.’

Keep being the best Polarity therapist you can be. Get the best results and keep bringing Polarity into the world.

Nancy is doing just that…with Love and Wisdom too!!

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