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Creating you own Oasis

By October 15, 2018Uncategorized

by: Meredith Zelman Narissi, MS, RPP

As they days shorten we are soon embraced by more darkness. How do we remain in the “Light?” Sometimes we need an “Oasis” for our mind, body and soul? The inner light we seek may require a practice.

We are aware that everything changes all the time; so why is it that negative or dark patterns, and experiences, repeat themselves in our lives? Could it be that we need to observe our own views, thoughts, and habits? We can learn to perceive clearly in order to find what may need attention. We may even seek guidance. We may even wish to treat ourselves to a Polarity session! Then we are on our way back to the safe haven of our Oasis.

Here are 3 things you can do to find your own Oasis. These steps are restorative to mind, body, and soul.

1.Mind…Become Open Minded

Cultivate Mind-Knowing:

Do you know your own mind? How do you come to do this? In order to become the observer of your mind you need peace and quiet. Here are some practices that help to open the mind and make it safe and spacious…meditation, prayer, visualizations, and breathing. Setting time and space boundaries also helps. You can actually sit in your own self-created sanctuary, even if it is just a chair in your room, set your phone-timer for 5 minutes or more, and see what happens. This simple practice is life altering. Allow time for yourself where you can rejuvenate in stillness.

2.Body…Become a Sensualist

Cultivate Body-Knowing:

Becoming a sensualist means to engage with your senses. Don’t just look, see. Don’t just hear, listen. Don’t just use your sense of smell, experience the fragrance, and when you taste, really enjoy your food, when you touch, feel what you are touching. This opens a whole new world of sensual awareness. This body-knowing, often frowned upon by our culture (since it is filled with so many taboos), is actually a heightened form of intelligence. It is not your elbow or liver, or even your brain that is sending you this knowing, it is cosmic intelligence flowing through you! Awaken to your body awareness.

  1. Soul…Become a Connector:

Cultivate Soulful Connections:

Soul-knowing: You come to know your soul by being a soulful connector. You connect with yourself, others, nature, and the Divine.

It is not just knowing your psychological story that heals you. It is also insightful to explore soulful challenges like..”Who am I, what is my life really about, what is it that I need to know and understand in order to stop wandering in the desert, and find that gratifying Oasis?” What feeds your soul? You can enhance soulful connection.. with yourself, nature, others, and God.

Polarity Therapy sessions encompass ancient and modern techniques for creating harmony and balance in all three aspects of the self: mind, body and soul. It is a blessing when client and therapist share in the soulful quest to create a safe haven.

In sacred space, with wisdom and guidance, you discover your  Oasis. Is it time to receive what you give? Treat yourself to a Polarity Session. Reconnect with your Self, and visit your Oasis!


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