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Sound Healing and Visualization: Creating a Life of Value

By September 13, 2018Uncategorized

By John Beaulieu, ND, PhD
Published by BioSonic Enterprises, Ltd., High Falls, NY, 2018

Review by John Chitty

John Beaulieu is one of the most productive and inspirational players in the worldwide Polarity Therapy scene, and he continues his explorations of sound therapy in this excellent new book, which is at least his fifth contribution to Polarity understanding.

The main message here is that sound therapy (the use of audible vibration to re-set the body’s natural frequencies to optimum function) is not just about listening to tones produced by tuning forks, bells, bowls, musical instruments and other devices. Deeper therapeutic effects are gained by adding Intention to the process. Dr. Beaulieu gives clear instructions for how and why to include an inner meditative process to amplify and solidify the many benefits available through sound therapy.

Randolph Stone’s Polarity Therapy is notable for its emphasis on “the Purpose of Life” being “the fulfillment of consciousness.” Few if any other health care systems speak so plainly about this territory and its importance. This new book beautifully supports that focus with details on many levels. By setting a clear intention before and during therapeutic applications, of sound or many other processes, more significant and lasting results are obtained. Repetitively contemplating and articulating one’s sense of purpose and intentionality for any of life’s situations is a tremendous resource for anyone. Such processes are found in all the great wisdom traditions and they are fully supported by scientific research.

In this book, we learn specifics about the concepts of vibration, the science behind sound therapy and Intentionality and practical methods to make Intentionality a regular part of our days. Beaulieu gracefully combines big-picture and specific details in a very readable style that can be applied right away for good effects by anyone interested in elevating life experiences.

All in all, three cheers for yet another beautiful addition to our Polarity Therapy libraries!

John Chitty, BCPP

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