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The Benefits of using a Virtual Assistant

By August 16, 2018Uncategorized

By Shelley Drasal

It’s no secret that operating your own Polarity Therapy business often requires your complete and total, unimpeded attention. It’s also no secret that you sometimes need to turn your attention elsewhere, or at the very least seek assistance to lighten the burden. With the advent of Virtual Assistant (VA) solutions, there is no longer a need to feel that you need to go it alone or hire an employee.

As a Practitioner, your time is valuable, and should be spent performing sessions.  While every part of operating a successful Polarity Therapy business is important, there are some things you should simply outsource in order to concentrate on your passion for Polarity.

In short, a Virtual Assistant is someone who provides professional, technical, creative, or administrative services to businesses from a remote location. Whether they are managing client relations, performing secretarial duties, handling bookkeeping, managing databases, or maintaining social media accounts, today’s Virtual Assistants do anything and everything that can be done to make your job easier.

The American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) has been using a Virtual Assistant to manage their office for almost two years with great success.  By using a Virtual Assistant, they have been able to save on expenses such as rent and office equipment.  APTA has also benefited from the vast knowledge that comes with hiring a Virtual Assistant and the connections that the VA has.

Polarity Therapy Practitioners can also benefit from the use of a Virtual Assistant by using the services to:

1) Implement scheduling software for clients;
2) Coordinating intake paperwork;
3) Managing emails;
4) Responding to phone inquiries; and
5) Preparing Transcripts

A partnership with a Virtual Assistant provides you with so much more than shortening your to-do list.  It is a relationship that grows if nurtured over time.  Your relationship with your VA is one that will help your business grow by opening new avenues to you through an outside resource that has knowledge of many different businesses.  This allows you the opportunity to “Think outside the box”.

This is one of the reasons that I desire working with clients that include me as an integral part of their business and that seek long-term partnerships.  I began business in 2009 in an effort to serve and to prove that when you work in your area of expertise and giftedness, business does not need to be overwhelming.

Shelley Drasal
Principal, Virtual Assistant

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