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Creativity in Action

By August 15, 2018August 16th, 2018Uncategorized

By Andrea Bordelon

First I want to thank everybody who heard the call and contributed to our new brochure creation! The final copy is in and we are looking it over with a fine tooth comb to make sure our work and our organization is being represented to its fullest potential. In other news, our Facebook peer group is up and running, and we have had some great questions and answers coming forth, creating new ideas and solutions in service to our clients. To add your query or session thoughts click here Polarity Therapy Peer Discussion

Now, what next? Well, we are working on getting a TV spot with the National Public Television show Spotlight On, to be aired on PBS affiliates. It will be a short 4-6 minute info-promo-entertainment piece. Times and channel details to follow.

Is there a favorite holistic magazine you subscribe to? Let us know about it as we are compiling a list of magazines to submit articles to, both digital and paper. Do you have a killer article that needs the light of day? Send it this way! We will find a home (or many homes) for your piece.

Authors, lend me your books! We are putting together a student membership package for new students that will include discounts on all of our beloved favorite books that started our journey into Dr. Stone’ world. What would your starter pack include? Email us with your ideas or if you are an author that would like to share your wisdom with our younger Polarity generation. And lastly, if you have some favorite products or services that you think the rest of our membership would benefit from, let us know! Thank you for your support, ideas, and creativity!

Andrea is a practitioner and instructor with a unique 20 year mosaic of study and practice in the healing arts. A world traveler, her passion for the healing arts brought her coast to coast as well as overseas to study, practice and teach. Having been in the business world for a long time as a spa director, owner, and professional marketer, she has an insight into how to represent businesses from a operations and marketing perspective.

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