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What is Polarity?

By July 16, 2018Uncategorized

by Andrea Bordelon

Ahh, the age old question we all have been asked and given a variety of answers to – long, short, clear, fuzzy, nebulous, scientific, and everything in between. For a modality(is it a modality?) that has so many components and covers so many dimensions of healing, coming up with a concise explanation to the layman has always been a challenge. When bringing our work to the outside world, the explanation is usually best understood by experiencing. it. However, there comes a time when you can’t just throw people on a table but actually have to talk about what you do. How do you answer that question? Marketing Committee wants to know! We are putting together a series for brochures for practitioners and schools to use as tools to entice clients and students alike. We need your input. Remember when someone told you about this work for the first time? What stuck out for you? From all levels and years of experience we are sifting through all your answers to come up with the perfect(well maybe not perfect but dang close) educational piece for practitioners and schools alike. I look forward to reading your answers! Send your thoughts to

Andrea is a practitioner and instructor with a unique 20 year mosaic of study and practice in the healing arts. A world traveler, her passion for the healing arts brought her coast to coast as well as overseas to study, practice and teach. Having been in the business world for a long time as a spa director, owner, and professional marketer, she has an insight into how to represent businesses from a operations and marketing perspective.

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  • Polarity Therapy is a energetic mapping of how energy moves thru the body unimpeded unless our mind gets in the way and stops the movement of the life forces. If this happens than disease occurs so Polarity Energy understanding and practical session work encourages smooth energy flow in the body so that disease leaves and health or life returns unimpeded by negative mind or emotions. Polarity Therapy is the key to balancing energetic meridians and bring the energy back to the central energy core. Relief occurs from many ailments.

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