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What is Beautiful?

By July 16, 2018Uncategorized

by Meredith Zelman Narissi, M.S., RPP, PTP


Beauty is ephemeral. It makes you breathless for a moment. All your senses are engaged in awe and astonishment. Gratitude arises and the beautiful touches your soul.

Beauty is generous. It is a gift that widens your perspective allowing you to connect with the Sacred. It is a doorway to the Divine. Nature offers you beauty every day if you but look at a sunrise, sunset, or even twilight. The plants, flowers, trees, mountains and oceanic swells all grant a sense of home larger than this precious earth. Vastness of the beautiful speaks in a language of the cosmos, and you become aware. There is a timelessness in the presence of beauty, and an unspeakable tenderness that touches the heart.

It is said that symmetry and balance create beauty. Computer imaging of faces where one side is copied, reversed, and placed side-by-side, are supposedly seen as more beautiful than the original face…where the real left and right sides differ. Symmetrical faces are said to be a standard for true beauty. Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie appear to have both sides of their faces matched in a way that doesn’t happen for most of us. In other words their faces are unusually symmetrical.

Of course, it can be said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet, that may mean more than a subjective view of beauty. It implies a desire to be the vessel willing to hold the beautiful. The capacity to receive and notice beauty can expand. Being loved can make you feel more beautiful, and looking at the ones you love paints them in an aura of beauty. This is the beauty of the soulful connection shining through, not just subjectivity.

Beautiful means to be full of beauty. Yet this quality goes far beyond attractiveness. Glamour and commercialism create a copy of beauty. The real essence is devoid of envy or comparison, or commercialism. The real essence is connection and Unity with the Eternal.

Numinous experiences speak of a beauty that is not so easily explained, and can never be bought. They arise out of a realm of nothingness, stillness, like the big bang coming forth in the presence of no-thing. Here is a beauty uncontainable, indescribable, and blissful.

These transcendent moments allow you to see the beautiful that is in your own soul. The true you. The one privileged enough to live in this world, a world that ultimately needs your presence.

The ability to acquire a taste for true beauty and to practice it, can lead to profound healing. In Polarity Therapy I often wish my client could see the beauty I see in them. I wish for them to see themselves in the brightness that I behold. It’s  just past a struggling soulful dilemma. It is hidden beyond tragic story and resentments. It may be hidden in illness or ancestral legacy. It may be embedded into these places, like a yin yang symbol containing its counterpart. It can be found-energy, in tears and pain, and joy. Tragedy is often trailed by kindness and beauty. Beauty that is the poignant reminder to be in the now. Astonishing beauty is always in the now. How often do you forget to see yourself in this beautiful light. How often do we all forget? Beyond labels, analysis, and the definable, there lies only beauty. The yearning of which is inborn and unborn, waiting to give birth to further beauty.

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