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APP Course Dynamics

By July 16, 2018Uncategorized

by Ann Watters

I studied on Orcas Island an experience which awakened all my senses to the energy understanding of Dr Stone’s Polarity Therapy theory made practical thru the training.  The training was a live in 24/7 experience for myself and others.

Polarity tea, rejuvelac, and either puryfying diet, Health building diet or lacto vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner was served daily in our rustic restaurant overlooking the Puget Sound.  We hiked and boated.. we traded sessions. Daily trainings were given. We had one on one experiences with the highly gifted teachers. Energy bodywork and awareness sessions happened daily. Sauna’s, and other water therapies  daily in our clean pure water that flowed from our under ground springs and from Mt Constitution home of Golden Eagles. We experienced fasts and unique cleansing opportunities to clear and minds and bodies of toxins. We were all exposed daily to what it meant to be in a woman’s body or a male body thru the evolution of our understanding of the five and six pointed star. We learned to develop a FELT Sense of the energy terms in Dr Stone’s book. One can actually experience what he wrote about in in books and slowly or quickly dependent on the student’s ability to see and feel their sessions results within begin to grasp what Polarity and the energy principles really felt like. Polarity was not just an intellectual exercise but experienced.

My main drive for going to The Polarity Training was three fold, to heal myself and to become a holistic practitioner of health as well as to find my spiritual Self. Polarity Therapy offered diversity in every aspect of my seeking.  Polarity Therapy became the foundation for my  lifestyle routine that would ultimately be the groundwork for my Spiritual seeking for the rest of my life. A life of service to The God within me and to humankind.

The APP course needs to be a foundational beginning in Polarity Therapy. One must experiment the diets healthy enough to do this in the course and if not work with practitioners that can help the student become well enough to go on with the the Polarity studies when ready. The student needs to experience the Polarity Yoga, the energetic bodywork and awareness work so as to become cleaner physically and more in line with clear energy patterns mentally and emotionally. This cleansing and building process in line with the student’s needs and following the standards and practices and staying in balance with theory and all the felt sense work, actual hands on sessions and releasing of pent up negative emotions and thoughts.

Will L, Harold Boritz, Sharon Campbell now Sharon Porter, Ryan Costello, Allyn Campbell, Theresa and David Voigt, Sam And Jane Buck and oh so many  other teachers were all involved in my training. It was an amazing enlightening experience full of pain and pleasure and realizations beyond description in some instances. Intimate, engaging and open. NOT perfect and sometimes rude and tamasicand other times subtle and rajasic and then satvic also. I also found the Spiritual path there at the Alive Fellowship as it was called and to this day thank God for all that I learned.

Polarity Therapy is a lifestyle which if followed and learned in the APP course can be a foundation for healthy living for the rest of one’s life. One needs to continue to apply all that learned to continue to grow and change and become a real human being. Honest and true to one’s inner self with an understanding of the way to merge opposites so as to become one with the Source all all living beings.

Polarity Therapy embodies all of this if viewed from Dr Stone’s perspective and lived. Everyone has a purpose and everyone and everything that comes into a person’s I meant to bring that person closer to the truth about his or her existence. We are all equal within. We are here to uncover who we really are. I found the basic course and all that followed help me to do just that. We are here to serve in some way or another.

As a Polarity therapist we can help other to heal themselves naturally. What could be better, I ask you?

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  • Alan Gordon says:

    I had an amazing experience on Orcas Island around 1980 that left a lasting impression on me. I wonder what became of all the people who taught there.

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