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Energy Medicine: Future of Healthcare

By June 12, 2018Uncategorized

By: Mary Jo Ruggieri

Polarity Therapy Leads The Way

Along with this leadership comes the need for a well-developed scope of practice, competence-based and diverse modalities, a professional national organization that represents its membership with solid structure, modern up-to- date legislation, educational standards, and curriculum oversight with clear ethics and standards, for a safe practice.

Polarity Therapy, based upon Dr Randolph Stone’s complete holistic approach to healthcare, integrates: Ayurvedic principles, science and physics of energy health, energetic bodywork, Polarity yoga, meditation, lifestyle skills, and nutrition.

Polarity Therapy is a diverse system of energetic assessment and touch therapies which includes progressive protocols based on the five elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

The Need

  1. Healthcare is Changing
  • Moving from a disease-driven to wellness-driven system of providing healthcare.
  1. Healthcare is not a Privilege
  • It is a right for all people to be able to live a healthy life, free from disease.
  1. Prevent and Reverse”™
  • Will be the goal for this new movement in Health Care

Polarity Therapy is poised to become the first line of healthcare, superseding critical and chronic invasive care which represents the current status of healthcare.

In order to become what we are meant to do in our field of Energy Health Care, Polarity Therapy needs to become an accredited, professional, inclusive, research and competency-based practice. Available in all mainstream healthcare systems.

Getting our schools registered in all states with Boards of Career Colleges and Schools, Proprietary Boards, and/or State Departments of Education for career training professionals would be the road to acceptance and success for the future of Polarity Therapy.


  1. “It’s the law”.
    Most states have solid laws that register and set standards for career and trade schools.
  • State Boards of Career Colleges and Schools regulate the for-profit schools seeking to offer degrees, non-degrees, and/or course programs within each state. Certificates of registration and appropriate program authorization is required by State Boards for all programs. APTA’s responsibility is to approve curriculum for approved training programs to be in compliance with APTA standards.  Upon completion of training and joining APTA, designations are issued.  APTA’s Director of Education holds the responsibility of approving curriculum for the Approved Training Programs.
  • After approval of curriculum by the Director of Education. programs that are established and offered for a fee shall be offered with approval by either a Career Board of Colleges and Schools, or a State Board of Proprietary Schools.
  1. Having a legal registration within the state, which the school resides, is a positive asset for the school.
  • Students seek out and want to attend a state-registered school so they can practice legally in their state.
  • State Career Boards set practical standards for the schools that keep students safe, protect the schools, help the schools avoid financial and student issues.
  • Having state legal approval is the school’s best marketing tool and is also a requirement of APTA. Students and professionals review the state’s registry and look for legal schools to attend.
  • State school boards can assist in the following ways.

They can help the schools:

  • set up practical catalogs;
  • establish refund policies,
  • learn how to charge and collect fees
  • assist schools with set up of an easy to run program
  1. Mission of state registration (besides being the law).
  • Improves standards of excellence, assuring the consumer of quality programs and “services” through a regulating structure for programs and operation of career colleges and schools.
  • Provides knowledgeable advisory expertise to schools on the best career education practice and standards to enhance their effectiveness.

As Polarity Therapy moves into acceptance in mainstream Healthcare, having well developed standards as we do, under APTA, having legal state accreditation will not only grow Polarity leaps and bounds but will create jobs and solid income for Polarity Practitioners.

Let us “Rethink” how we can grow Polarity Therapy as a practice, as a profession and as a form of Holistic Healthcare.



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  • Lucy Jackson says:

    Dear Mary Jo,
    I would love to talk with u again about our work!
    I believe we are missing a BIG piece of the puzzle when we use the term “Energy” Medicine.
    But I am very glad to read your very good article.
    Blessings, Lucy Jackson, RPE

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