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APTA Reading 2.28.2018-Miriam Jacobs

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What seeds does APTA need to cultivate and nurture for success for the community and betterment of all its members?

Lisa shuffled and picked the 4 cards. As we all learned in our training: “Give a session/reading, get a session/reading”. My intention is to express descriptions more practically while not telling the future, but to give an empowering Polarity session through the Tarot.

The Reading:

No doubt APTA is changing, as confirmed in this reading.

In order for Polarity Therapy to survive and keep its integrity, it cannot go back to what it was because the world is changing. Dr. Stone wanted Polarity to evolve.

Of the four-cards that were chosen, three were Water cards. Elementally, water nurtures seeds to germinate and grow. The only card that was not a Water card was the Five of Earth, which happens to be in the water placement. So we have lots of flow!

6 of Water in general is about giving and taking in the creative and spiritual realm. It is already set up and confirmed by this card, that anyone who volunteers will receive back from APTA not just with gifts but something else more personal for themselves.

5 of Earth is concern, feeling sorry for oneself, yet 5’s represent a turning point, requiring patience. Things are germinating and happening in time not on time. The card acknowledges being present with a challenging situation in order to alleviate worry. Yet the 5 of Earth confirms that APTA needs more resources.

4 of Water in the Air placement is about separating communications from emotions. 4 of Water is very protective, objective not personal. It is getting through to a stable place by keeping the emotions of past and what goes on politically detached. The message in this card is: “Don’t be too attached to outcomes”.

Knight of Water Court cards are often other people influencing the reading. Knights are always forceful although, the Knight of Water does so in a quiet way.

At first, I thought this knight represented someone who would be stepping forward to help support APTA financially, since the card is in the Earth placement of finance. This is still possible. Do you know of anyone? Or do you know of a possible research study to get funding from?

In hindsight, it occurred to me that the Knight of Water represents Dr. Stone, who was a Pisces, a Water sign. How many of you have ever felt Dr. Stone being in their presence during a session? I have. He has shown up for me when I’m doing THE work. I think his appearance is an omen of approval.

So what is it that you can do to cultivate and nurture for success for the community and betterment of all its members? What is the underlying message from this reading?

  • Encouraging members to step up and give.
  • If you are not sure how, I’m offering some intentional movements to lead you to know how to step forward.

Tarot lessons are enhanced by any kind of physical movement.

Six of Water – Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Roll your legs back and forth from the hip joint in a flowing movement similar to windshield wipers.

Five of Earth – Stand with feet, shoulder width apart. Slowly lean back with arms outstretched.

Four of Water – Place one hand on your chest or navel. Place the first two fingers of the other hand behind your ear. Hold. Reverse and repeat.

Knight of Water – Nurture yourself with the intention to step in with enjoying a cup of sweet hot tea.

Perhaps my favorite part of a reading is the conversation it opens up. In the end, Lisa and I sat and talked in my Oakland office that overlooks a quaint commercial street. I was happy to hear her thoughts on APTA as well as her own process. I felt supported and understood with what I shared. A peace came over us.

A much need rainstorm was brewing. We realized we better get going. The Water was coming to germinate the seeds…

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