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February-The Month of Love

By February 7, 2018Uncategorized

by Miriam Jacobs

Pierre Pannetier was Dr. Stone’s assistant during the 60’s, and eventually became Stone’s successor. Pannetier approached to Polarity Therapy was slightly different than Stone’s. His touch was lighter and he advocated coming from Love.

What is coming from love?  I’ve heard the term so many times that I’ve become numb. And then every so often, especially when I am giving a pure Polarity session, not combined with any of the other techniques or modalities I sometimes use, I’m reminded just what Pierre was talking about.

February is the month of Valentine’s Day as well as the month of Dr. Stone’s birthday (Feb 26th) and I’d like to introduce the question of love to this week’s reading as framed by Lisa Nemzo: “How do we as Polarity Practitioners come from love around a challenge?”

Seven of Air shows a struggle and yet is also telling us to stand up for what we believe in. As an Air card, which relates to the heart chakra, landing in the Fire position of passion, creativity and spirit, encourages that in order to come from love, we must be open and not fearful.

The next card, the Death card is about letting go /rebirth. In the love and relationship position, it is a death of our doubts, transforming to self-love and staying with an open heart.

The Hanged Man, in the Air position of communication and thoughts, this card is the pattern breaker. When we are facing a challenge, thinking about coming from love differently, will be healing and transformative. How do you want to feel in your body?

The final card is in the Earth placement. It is The Chariot, signifying confidence, overcoming obstacles by will. It is the Captain of ship leading the direction and leading with love.

Together, each card supports each other. Since there are three Major Arcana cards, it means the idea of coming from love during a challenge extends into other areas of our lives, and goes back to the way Pierre Pannetier approached the work. These three cards relate to water signs as noted by astrological references as well as the orange color on related body parts.

I believe this “take away” is going with the flow. It sounds so simple but is a great reminder. Our test is to not close down when met with a challenge. Instead, keep our hearts open and lead with love.

 Miriam Jacobs sometimes she includes brief Tarot readings in her Polarity sessions. Her over the phone/Skype readings are very much like receiving Polarity. Miriam is the creator of Polarity Wellness Tarot, the first somatic Tarot deck and author of “Tarot and the Chakras: Opening New Dimensions to Healers”; winner of the 2015 COVR award for Best Divination Book.

Miriam Jacobs is also the founder of Tarot in Motion, a full body processing system that have both individual and archetypical meaning based on drawn Tarot cards.

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