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New Age vs. Old Age

By January 15, 2018Uncategorized

The inspiration for modern energy healing is found in beliefs from the past
by Mary Jo Ruggieri

Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth–qualities of energy which govern the functions of the human body. All five elements are found in our body, and everywhere on our planet!

The oldest of all notions of life adhere to the concept of energy and the elements. American Indians built their entire culture, including their healthcare, on the elements. They cherished the earth’s elements because they believed that they were also made of these same qualities.

Mary Atwood in Spirit Herbs explains that American Indians believed all living things had life both visible and invisible. Plants were part of the same kingdom as people. She explains that great religions emphasize the concept that all substances from the earth originated and developed from a universal life force: energy.

In our technological society, we have aborted the science of the past. A science that once gave us reason not to pollute but to use wisely our natural resources and also gave us a natural healing system from the earth, like herbs and homeopathy. It was always understood that plants, animals or humans are made up of the same component parts of the whole. We all contain the same energetic qualities: the elements.

But it’s never too late. Let’s go back to understanding what past scholars have said about the science of energy medicine. For many years Americans have had a desire to learn about yoga, meditation, Zen Buddhism, herbs and, of course, Dalai Lama, chakras, crystals and outer space. We call it New Age–I believe the proper term should be Old Age!

Dr. Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy, made this assessment about the past meeting the future: “We assume that those in the past could not possibly have had an idea of the cleverness of the present age, but we cannot understand them when they tell us in their writings about energy fields which we are just beginning to notice. The importance of our life is all external; theirs were deeper in perception of the energy fields within, that make up this phenomenon of solid matter. The ancients had time to concentrate their energiesê We, in our haste to go fast, travel in circles and find no rest or solace for the problems that beset us.”

Connecting with the elements will give you vital information for preventive healthcare. Becoming aware is the key. Observe the signs and work towards balance before a problem occurs.

A wonderful reference to further explore the elements is the Polarity Therapy Workbook by Dr. John Beaulieu.

As Dr. Stone has said about healing, it is the process that is important!May the longtime sun shine upon you.

Elements govern certain energetic qualities giving us vital information regarding the status of our health.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________      Ether          Governs qualities of the mind relating to space, stillness, peace and presence.

Signs of ether imbalances:

  • Feeling of grief/disharmony
  • Joints ache
  • Feeling closed in/stuck

Polarity bodywork:

  • Cranial holds
  • Joint balance
  • Soft contacts while deep breathing

_______________________________________________________________________________________________      Air               Governs qualities of lightness, quickness and agility.

Signs of air imbalances:

  • Dry itchy skin or rashes
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Scattered, jumpy

Polarity bodywork:

  • Shoulder/diaphragm releases
  • Rib/clavicle contacts
  • Cradle ankles

_______________________________________________________________________________________________       Fire             Governs qualities of heat, clarity, focus, vitality and directed movement.

Signs of fire imbalances:

  • Voice quality loud
  • Tissue inflammation, boils, varicose veins
  • Cloudy verses bright eyes

Polarity bodywork:

  • Rocking motions, navel and/or thigh areas
  • Holds over forehead and below rib cage
  • Foot digestive reflexes

______________________________________________________________________________________________      Water         Governs qualities of flowing, making connections and fertility.

Signs of water imbalances:

  • Consistent water retention
  • Luster of skin, pasty/dull
  • Out of touch with feelings

Polarity bodywork:

  • Body rocking movements, lymphatic balance
  • All foot reflexes
  • Diagonal holds on back, for stress reduction

_______________________________________________________________________________________________      Earth          Governs qualities of completion, organization, physical and emotional structure.

Signs of earth imbalances:

  • Colon and neck difficulties
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Not feeling safe
  • Impatient with yourself and others

Polarity bodywork:

  • Release tension in abdomen
  • Work on neck points
  • Release tension in knees

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