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Tarot Reading by Miriam Jacobs

By January 11, 2018Uncategorized

Tarot has become a tool to point you in the right direction.

The question Lisa asked was: “What is needed for APTA to fully heal and become successful?” This particular reading gives insights to support that process. Lisa first pulled the row of 4 cards, to be read right to left. I then pulled the two cards above. For clarity, here is what the cards mean individually.

Four of Air – in the Fire position of spirit and creativity, it connotes a need to rest and let some of the information that is coming in to settle. The Four of Air means slowing down in order to regenerate and organize. It is a truce of some kind. People go inward.

King of Air –in the water position of relationships and connection, Court cards are often another person, since there are two court cards in this reading, this indicates, APTA needs to get help from an outside person, like a consultant or someone who is not on the board. (Danosky & Assoc).

King of Air will look at things objectively and is articulate yet comes from the heart. You are dealing with someone who is very professional and can focus on what needs to get done.

Knight of Fire, another court card, is in the position of communication, thoughts and write. The person(s) designated to necessary written material is a highly creative person and forceful. S/he tends to be daring and fearless. (Heather Principe is an advisory to the board and is writing the language for the designations RPP, BCPP).

Six of Fire shows a victory. There is success after working extremely hard. The Six of Fire is initiating leadership and coming out ahead. You have won.

I pulled the two cards above the row of four. The first, The Sun, I focused on Lisa’s role within APTA.

The Sun, which is one of the most positive cards of the deck, assures confidence and vitality in her leadership as president. It indicates that she has the intellect and tenacity to guide APTA through this transition with heart. Lisa’s reasons for moving APTA forward in obtaining national certification are emphatic and quite convincing and are linked to APTA’s survival in an inclusive way, creating community, and a path to success for Polarity.

Since it is a Major Arcana card, it also means that not only is it the strongest card in the reading, it means that taking on this role has karmic significance for Lisa beyond the specifics of this particular reading.

Before choosing the last card, we looked at the cards already laid out. Elementally, there was only fire and air. The 4 of Air and 6 of Fire did create a polarity, inward resting and outward success. The two court cards represent the involvement of other members. Court cards are usually about other people’s influence. Lisa being, the Sun, suggests trusting her delegating tasks.

We talked about how Polarity Therapy is unique in not just a series of healing techniques and mechanics but teaches a way of living life on a spiritual path. She mentioned that a member (Grandfather Whitewolf) was willing to lead a ritual for APTA and its membership. I then pulled the Hermit, another Major Arcana card, which means this is a fantastic idea to be taken seriously because it would provide grounding. (Earth).

Hermit is in search for inner truth.  What is true for APTA – Choosing the importance of seeking truth by allowing Grandfather WhiteWolf  to lead in a spiritual ritual is in alignment with APTA’s true vision.

The Hermit offers validation for meditation, thought, and looking inward. Be prudent and patient. Take time for reflection. He is an Earth card, which means the element missing is the Water. How about stepping up to the flow? Creating community is the missing Water link.  2018 looks a successful and healing year for APTA.

Miriam Jacobs

Miriam Jacobs sometimes she includes brief Tarot readings in her Polarity sessions. Her over the phone/Skype readings are very much like receiving Polarity. Miriam is the creator of Polarity Wellness Tarot, the first somatic Tarot deck and author of “Tarot and the Chakras: Opening New Dimensions to Healers”; winner of the 2015 COVR award for Best Divination Book.

Miriam Jacobs is also the founder of Tarot in Motion, a full body processing system that have both individual and archetypical meaning based on drawn Tarot cards.


  • Rita Cumming says:

    Thank you Miriam – this reading’s naming of the need for a “resting” and “settling” period of time thus allowing room for “slowing down” to “regenerate” in my opinion is a long overdue. The “organization” will take care of itself as long as we are centred, grounded and elevated at the same time.

    We do need to “stop” – smell the roses and celebrate how far APTA has come – and allow recalibration to occur as we
    prepare to move forward.

    After the ritual led by Grandfather White Wolf was over I drew my Medicine Cards, asking for an insight into what had just transpired. Using my set pattern here is what I got:
    Intention: two cards stuck together so kept them both. Dog (Loyalty) Mountain Lion (Leadership)
    Early Going: Dolphin (Breath)
    Highest Good: Moose (Self Esteem)
    Great Spirit’s Role: Eagle (Spirit)
    Card Holding all the others together: Elk (Endurance)

    I then pulled a single card on APTA and got Coyote (Trickster ) I immediately thought of your words “truce of some kind.”
    This pull did surprise me – yet maybe it shouldn’t have – having been part of APTA since 1993.

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