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Chutney Detox

By January 11, 2018Uncategorized

Let’s start the new year off with a recipe.

One of the first prescriptions Vaidya Mishra ever gave us was a recipe for a chutney that detoxes heavy metals from the body.

Happy New Year. Out of silence just now and kicking the year off with a tip for perfect health.

One of the more serious issues we deal with in our modern age is that of heavy metals accumulating in the body. Aluminum which is everywhere and mercury being the 2 most common ones. Anyone who has ever been vaccinated will have a good quantity of both in their systems.

To detox these and other heavy metals we have been using the following chutney at our noon meals every day for the past 15 years. All ingredients are organic. To use ‘conventional’ ingredients would completely defeat the purpose.

Cilantro, fresh organic
Lime juice
A couple of slices of ginger or more if you like it hotter
Salt to taste
A spoonful of walnut oil
if you want to soften the effect you can add a couple of medjool dates

Blender and serve. Very simple. We use a spoonful or 2 as a condiment with our main meal at lunch every day.

Enjoy ~


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