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Treasurer’s Notes

By December 13, 2017Uncategorized

By Elizabeth Ferrara

Happy Holidays! It’s been an interesting year at APTA, with our focus on modernizing the association, stream-lining the office, updating the look and feel of APTA, continuing our work toward full BCPP accreditation and gathering consensus about our direction and future ventures.

Last year we reduced APTA fees across the board in an effort to respect today’s financial challenges, but we do have a lot on our plate and are working toward increasing offerings to our members.  Unfortunately, there are legislative matters that continue to challenge our right to work. The massage lobby consistently attempts to create an environment where only those gaining a license through a massage school have a right to do ‘bodywork’.  We are ever vigilant in our efforts to be in front of these efforts, knowing where our attention needs to go next and doing our work to show up and be heard.  Our membership has been clear in moving forward in our efforts to have the BCPP status fully accredited to combat arguments minimizing our educational and supervisory standards.

On a more positive note, we would very much like to start the process of organizing a community gathering for APTA members.  It is consistently part of the conversation that we love to be together and to exchange ideas!  It occurs to me that Dr. Stone would completely enjoy the news in science and the continually evolving understandings in body awareness, mindfulness, embryology, evolution … the list goes on and on. The more we can ignite vision in our community, the more our community will remain on the cutting edge of energy awareness and the greater offerings we can make to our world. One can only imagine where Dr. Stone’s work would be if he were here with us today, and it is exciting to think that we are the community to continue his vision and the forward-thinking process of this work.

We are also extremely interested in gathering study materials for students through all stages of the educational process and for graduates readying themselves for the BCPP exam.  Input from the community to this end is greatly desired and appreciated.

The one thing that keeps coming to my attention as I do my work as APTA treasurer and as a part of the polarity community is how much continuing passion there is for the work and how strongly our community wants to keep this passion alive. I share that vision. We are doing our best to continue to stream-line our processes so that more of our funds can go toward community work. To that end, we encourage participation in the process, we are an organization only as strong as our membership! Please consider joining a committee and being an active part of our growth and vision.

This is also the time of year to consider gift giving, and for us that means donations. Please consider offering a donation of any amount.  The funds collected by APTA will be used toward the furtherance of Polarity Therapy’s presence in the world and your energetic offerings to this end matter!

I must believe that the contracted energies that have been so manifest in our world the past few years are leading toward a renewal of vibrant expansiveness.  Keep heart!  Participate in the expansion! Remember that the wheel continues to spin and that brighter days are ahead.  Join us in building the roads to that future – your input is desired and very welcome, be it via donation, committee-work or your personal commitment to Polarity Therapy.

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