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What Polarity Means to Me By Pamela Collins

By October 13, 2017Uncategorized

Polarity to me means a place of new beginnings. A Process to resolve all issues that brought my body to a state of dis-ease.  To unbury all traumas, emotional turmoil, and bad habits and bring forth a new life of wellness. A life full of new healthy habits, along with total body wellness. Polarity works on more than the physical body, it works on the emotional and spiritual body as well.

I have gained a new appreciation of life itself. I have learned to take time to take  care of me, so that I can take better care of those around me. I have learned to  listen to others on a different level, so that I may be able to help them go from dis-ease to wellness also. This process not only involves the contact between a positive and a negative point, but the contact of one human to another. It involves taking time to listen to not only their words but to their body as it releases hidden  emotions that are causing physical pain.

Polarity means to me, a breath of fresh air, a place to invoke the passion of fire  within me, a place to allow the water to flow like a beautiful waterfall down to a quiet stream following thru the beauty of the earth. Polarity is a process that brings forth peace and total body wellness.


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