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    The Marketing Committee is responsible for branding and promoting APTA and Polarity Therapy via our Logo, Website, P.R. campaigns, Social Media, and other  media (brochures, videos, printed material).  They coordinate with our hired Graphic Design and IT Consultants.

    Skills: Marketing, Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Social Media, P.R., Strategic Partnerships, Sales

    Current Agenda:

    • Continue to expand and maintain the website
    • Create video content
    • Create new collateral for members (brochures, etc.)
    • Create online forum for members
    • Explore hiring PR firm
    • Create campaigns to promote Polarity in the press, to partners in healthcare, and on Social Media
    • Empower members to better market themselves; gain new benefits and discounts to help our members


    The Finance Committee secures APTA’s Financial Health by overseeing APTA’s finances and budgets.  Assists the Treasurer and Bookkeeper.

    Skills:  Bookkeeping, Accounting, Development, Fundraising, Controller, Financial Planner.

    Commitment:  Minimum of 1 hour / month conference call; additional hours on  volunteer basis.

    Current Agenda:

    • Transition to Quickbooks online
    • Generate Monthly P &L Statements for the Board of Directors Review
    • Explore Fundraising / Donations
    • Monitor Membership Drives and Budgets

    Membership & Benefits

    The Membership & Benefits Committee finds vendors to provide discounts to our members, and looks for other ways to enhance the experience of APTA Membership.  They also manage the campaigns and drive to increase our Membership.

    Skills:  Negotiation, Cold-Calling, Solicitation, Brainstorming, Online Shopping, VIP Programming, Sales

    Commitment:  Minimum 1 Hour per month for conference call; Additional hours on a volunteer basis.

    Current Agenda:

    • Increase the number of discounts / deals for APTA Members
    • Solicit quotes from mobile app developers to create a “Polarity app”
    • Solicit feedback / survey the membership about what enhancements they would like to see.
    • Work with the office staff to cold-call members and former members to encourage renewal.


    The Standards & Exam Prep Committee works on maintaining APTA’s Standards for Practice, as well as creating a BCPP Exam Prep Course.  These members cannot have served on the CGB or CGC (Certification Governing Board or Council) or served as Subject Matter Experts in the development of the Board Certification Exam.

    Skills:  Exam Creation, Education, Curriculum Development, Administration, Documentation, Strong familiarity with Polarity Therapy education

    Commitment:  Minimum 1 Hour per month for conference call; 1-2 hours per week additional volunteer time to assist in updating standards and creating the app.

    Current Agenda:

    • Update the Current Standards for Practice
    • Solicit mobile and online vendors who can create technology for exam prep
    • Develop the exam prep content
    • Explore deeper future enhancements to clarify the Standards, in coordination with ATMs


    The Education Committee works with our Director of Education to review and approve Course Content from training managers to insure they meet standards.  They look to enhance APTA’s overall Educational System and support our schools.

    Skills:  Education Administration, Teaching, Curriculum Development, Regulation

    Commitment:  Minimum 1 Hour per month for conference call; additional hours on a volunteer basis.

    Current Agenda:

    • Review the process for becoming an RPE; develop an alternative path for persons with significant education and / or Polarity experience.
    • Build the amount of online resources for Educators and Students on the APTA Website
    • Design a membership campaign to attract more Polarity Students to APTA – create a welcome kit for new students
    • Build the Continuing Education Program
    • Solicit Feedback from ATMs for how APTA can better support them

    News & Social Media

    The News & Social Media Committee is a team of editors, designers and content writers who create APTA’s blog and newsletter in online and print form.  They generate content, interview subjects in the community, solicit articles from members, and look for articles to reprint.  They work in conjunction with a paid Graphic Designer / Editor who will manage the overall design of the newsletter.

    Skills:  Publishing, Writing, Strong Editorial Skills, Graphic Design, Photography, Journalism,  Interviewing, Online Publishing

    Commitment:  1 Hour per month for conference call; availability for minimum 1 hour per week additional volunteer work strongly preferred.

    Current Agenda:

    • Establish a Newsletter for the 21st Century – exploring best means to publish online and integrate content with printed form
    • Create semi-annual printed version of the Newsletter for members who prefer a printed copy
    • Update Social Media accounts
    • Coordinate with Marketing Committee to insure social media and blog updates cohere with APTA’s Branding & Marketing Goals


    The Legislation Committee protects members’ Right to Practice.  They work in coordination with the Director of Legislation, keep abreast of upcoming legislation that impacts Polarity; they legislatures to insure fair treatment of members; they inform members of legislation and rally them to assist in lobbying.

    Skills:  Legislation, Law, Regulation, Contracts, Writing, Campaigns, Politics

    Commitment:  1 Hour per month for conference call; additional hours on volunteer basis.

    Current Agenda:

    • Lobby the State of Massachusetts with respect to their upcoming legislation
    • Establish the Legislative Section of the Website
    • Determine current state-by-state requirements for Polarity and publish an online description for members
    • Create boilerplate letters that can be used to lobby legislatures


    The Ethics Committee upholds the Code of Professional Conduct and responds to complaints by the public or within APTA of misconduct.

    Skills:  Ethics, Regulation, Philosophy, Law, Mediation

    Commitment:  1 Hour every other month for conference call; additional hours on volunteer basis.

    Current Agenda:

    • Update the Code of Professional Conduct to include language with respect to how APTA Members treat each other and other professionals we work with– peer relations; the Code currently only addresses client – practitioner relations.
    • Establish a Review Board for handling Ethics Complaints and clearer protocols for violations.

    Fundraising & Development

    The Fundraising & Development Committee looks for Grant Funding for APTA and solicits donations from other individual and corporate donors.

    Skills:  Development, Fundraising, Solicitations, Cold Calling, Event Planning

    Commitment:  1 Hour every month for conference call; additional hours on volunteer basis.

    Current Agenda:

    • This is a new committee; working with our consultants, Danosky & Associates, create a vision for the committee and begin implementing it.
    • Seek individual and corporate donors for APTA; revise pricing structure and website accordingly
    • Explore hiring a Grant Writer and work on finding grants to fund APTA.


    The Conference Committee plans the bi-annual conference.  They explore possible locations, reserve space, coordinate with key lecturers and presenters, plan food, activities, and budget.  They create a plan to advertise the conference within APTA and outside of APTA.

    Skills:  Event Planning, Development, Fundraising, Administration, Travel Planning, Booking, Marketing

    Commitment:  1 Hour every month for conference call; additional hours on volunteer basis.

    Current Agenda:

    • Plan the 2017 Conference
    • Explore starting up Regional Conferences again

    Certification Governing Council (CGC) (Nominations)

    The Certification Governing Council (CGC) is a regulatory council; members must be BCPPs.  They are elected or appointed.  We are looking for Nominations for the next time we have a vacancy.  This group holds a special place within APTA; they uphold the Certification Process.  Involves strong coordination with hired consultants  and psychometrician.  The primary aim is to apply for Accreditation from NCCA and maintain NCCA Accreditation in the future.

    Skills:  Must be a BCPP with at least 2 years experience; Regulation, Law, Ethics, Psychometrics, Statistics, NCCA Accreditation, Professional Certification Programming.

    Commitment:  1 Hour once a month for conference call; additional hours on volunteer basis, depending on availability.

    Current Agenda:

    • Work with the Psychometrician and Seacrest Consultants to prepare the Accreditation Application.
    • Write and submit the application at the earliest time possible.
    • Administer Certification process in coordination with Office Staff.

    Board of Directors (Nominations)

    This is a call for Nominations only, for the next time there is a vacancy on the Board.  The Board of Directors are the leaders of APTA.  They are elected or appointed.  The Board is comprised of between five and nine members at a given time.  They set policies and procedures for the corporation, and oversee office staff and consultants in execution of APTA’s vision and goals.  They act as liaisons to committees and task forces.

    Skills:  We seek a variety of skills from our Board Members, whether your specialty is Finance, Management, Research, Administration, Education, Marketing… We seek individuals with an attention to detail who are available to participate in regular meetings, share their passion for Polarity Therapy, and ideas to move our organization and the practice forward.

    Commitment:  1 Hour once a month for conference call; additional hours required between calls for attending committee meetings, addressing Board business by email or other calls .. usually between 1 and 5 additional hours per week.

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