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Digital Doctor Stone

An Essential Resource for any Polarity Practitioner or Student

Digital Doctor Stone … is one of the greatest resources for our community.  It contains all of Dr. Stone’s writings about Polarity in a digital format.  Because Dr. Stone cross-references his previous writings so often, it’s a great way to read his works… you can easily follow a link to another book or chapter.  If you’re working with a client who comes in with a specific issue,  you can easily do a search and see what Dr. Stone had to say about the condition and techniques he recommends.  What a gift to our community, given by the generous volunteer time of John Chitty and the Colorado School of Energy Studies.  Thanks, CSES!

Dr. Stone Inducted into World Massage Hall of Fame – read here!

Check it out!..

Dr. Damon Fazio’s Pinterest page has many cool links and posts about Holistic Health.  Good recipes and lots of dietary tips….

Health & Wellness                                                Purifying Diet

Health Building Diet                                            Vegetarian Diet

Vegan Diet

And visit Dr. Fazio’s own page www.drfazio.org!

Have you seen Amadea Morningstar’s Blog

Amadea is an APTA member and the author of the Ayurvedic Guide to Polarity Therapy: Hands On Healing.  Her blog has some beautiful musings on healing, Ayurveda and nutrition.  Here’s an excerpt:

“I realized that anyone that wants to can rest their right hand on the heart and send love to the left hand, resting on any stressed area that needs it. You don’t have to be specially trained to do this. You can do it anywhere you need to, from your chair, the couch, in a hospital bed, on a plane, in a subway, on the beach. I started to breath a little easier … and trusted that nourishment can rise from deep and simple.”

Self-Care for Polarity Practitioners…

We take such great care of our clients…  How are we doing as far as taking care of ourselves?  Amadea’s book The Ayurvedic Guide to Polarity Therapy is a beautiful resource for any Polarity Practitioner to help you implement self-care into your daily practice using Polarity and Ayurveda techniques.  It also provides a wonderful explanation of where Polarity overlaps with Ayurveda and where the two practices diverge.  It’s also something you can recommend to clients and students for them to take greater control of their own healing process.  It includes Polarity Exercises, recipes and nutritional information, and many other great techniques for healing.

The Ayurvedic Guide to Polarity Therapy: Hands-On Healing

Get your Yoga Practice Going with Intuitive Yoga!

Eleanora Lipton  MA, RPE, RYT, one of our beloved founders, is the owner of the Atlanta Polarity and Intuitive Yoga Center.   Eleanora developed Intuitive Yoga,  … and now has a fabulous Video series you can stream online.  Get 30 Video Streams when you sign up.  Take your Yoga Practice to the next level with one of Polarity’s Pioneers!…. ♥

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Dancing with Yin & Yang … John Chitty’s Beautiful New Book

If you haven’t checked out John’s book Dancing with Yin & Yang, it’s a must-read.  It is perhaps the most in-depth look of the Counseling aspect of Polarity Therapy.  John weaves the Taoist Yin-Yang concepts throughout; the book explores the Gestalt-based two-chair method widely used by many Polarity Practitioners as a way of creating balance in the mental plane between poles.  John is helping to round out our Polarity literature with this wonderful book, as well as his book with Mary Louise Muller, Energy Exercises, which is an in-depth exploration of Polarity Yoga & Exercise.

Research by APTA Authors

ETIOLOGY, by Dr. Christina Ross

Research by Christina Ross, PhD, BCPP

About Dr. Christina Ross, PhD, BCPP: Dr. Ross is the author of Etiology: How to Detect Disease in Your Energy Field Before it Manifests in Your Body.  Dr. Ross has been practicing energy medicine for over a decade. She received bachelor’s degrees in both psychology and physics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a PhD in energy medicine from Akamai University in Hilo, Hawaii. Her dissertation involved research at the Wake Forest School of Medicine’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine, studying the effect of pulsed electromagnetic field on cell signaling in an inflammatory response model. She hopes to one day teach energy medicine to medical students.


Bruce Burger’s  Esoteric Anatomy:The Body as Consciousness is a phenomenal book for any student of Polarity Therapy.  Bruce goes in depth into Esoteric Anatomy and the Hindu origins of Polarity Therapy.  Part theory, part texbook, part workbook, part spiritual meditation…. this book is essential.  Many of the chapters include easily digestible essays that can be read independently.


John Chitty, RPE, BCST has another new book!>…..

 Working with Babies: A Five Part Method for Infants and their Families.   Stay tuned for a review, coming soon!