Dr. Stone books available:

There are currently eight books about 25 charts, plus private notes etc. all in excellent original condition.

These are all original publications from 1954 through 1970.

  • Polarity therapy and its triune function
  • Energy the vital polarity in the healing art
  • Vitality balance
  • The wireless anatomy of man line the mysterious sacrum the key to body structure and function
  • Two booklets of Private notes for students of polarity therapy conventions
  • Evolutionary energy series about 25 chart system
  • A chiropractic course in structural balance: Books three and four
  • New summary a supplement to his health building booklet

If interested please email Paul Leonard at paul.leonard76@gmail.com for pricing and tell him you got his information from APTA. 

He is giving 10% of the sale back to APTA as a donation.