Certification Governing Council

David Comings, PhD

CGC Chair

Christina Ross, PhD, BCPP


Christina Ross, PhD, is a Board-Certified Polarity Practitioner (BCPP), Registered Polarity Educator (RPE), who has earned bachelor’s degrees in both psychology and physics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and a PhD in Energy Medicine from Akamai University. Her dissertation involved investigating the therapeutic effects of low frequency pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) on inflammation/immune function and pain biomarkers. She works as a biophysicist at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, studying the effects of low-frequency PEMF on cell communication and signal transduction. She authored a book chapter titled, “Energy Medicine” for the book Alternative Medicine, and wrote a book on Energy Medicine titled, Etiology: How to Detect Disease in your Energy Field Before It Manifests in your Body. She is currently collaborating with urologists at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center to study the therapeutic effects of PEMF devices to treat patients suffering from interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome (IC/PBS). She served 3 years on the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) Board of Directors (2004 – 2007), two of which she served as Treasurer. She also served on the APTA Certification Governing Board from 2011 – 2016 as both a Director and Financial Officer. She Served on the Certification Governing Council as a Director and Financial Officer from 2016 – 2019.

Ruth Daby PhD, BCPP


Born and raised in Germany, I came to the USA in 1963.  After years in banking, I decided on a career change into psychology.

I received a BA from URI in 1979, an MA in Culture and Creation Spirituality from Holy Names University in 1988 and a PhD that same year from Vanderbilt University.

I worked as a psychologist for Indian Health Service and the VA until I retired in 2008.  While I loved the work, I came to realize that trauma is not just stuck ‘in the head,’ but also in the person’s body and energy field.

So, in 2002 I started investigating complimentary ways to healing.  The first modality was Polarity Therapy, until last year my primary modality.  Then came workshops in mental dowsing and later vibrational dowsing as taught in BioGeometry training programs. I have Master Level Reiki training and am an Ordained Minister in the Healing Angels Ministry.  I am certified in Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code and use his Body Code System extensively.

In summary, I consider myself an ‘Integrative Health Practitioner’ who brings together aspects from various modalities to create a program that is best suited to meet my client’s needs, both human and animal.

Colin McLetchie, PCC BCPP


Spent 20+ years in corporate human resources before transitioning full-time to his own work as President of Five Ways Forward, LLC. He focuses on leadership, life, and career coaching, leadership and management development programs, team building and facilitation, organizational effectiveness and keynote speaking. He weaves in his understand of the energetic system into all his work. He is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and certified in many leadership, self, and team developmental instruments and tools. He is a former APTA Board Member (and VP) and he is pleased to be returning to the CGC after serving on two earlier iterations.

Valerie Bowman


As a licensed Social Worker, I spent almost 25 years working in pediatric medical facilities. During that time, I was introduced to Polarity Therapy by a close friend after receiving a bad sunburn. I was astonished by what I felt during my session and by the results of it. I decided right then that I had to learn this incredible practice. I have been a BCPP for seven years. I am on the legislation committee. I am a former Director and Secretary of APTA’s Board. I joined the CGC because I am passionate about the necessity and benefits of the BCPP and dream of a future when all BCPPs can legally practice in all 50 states.

Lynn Walden


I took my first course in polarity therapy in 1986 with Health Training Group lead by Howard Kiewe. I’ve been working full time as a polarity practitioner since 1995, and teaching since 1990. I was grandfathered in as a BCPP when the accreditation was first adopted. Circumstances that have affected us all since March 2020 have given me the opportunity to re-focus my work to a virtual platform and while I’ve resumed in person work since August 2020 I will be shifting more increasingly to a virtual scenario.

Patty Adams


I have a diverse background. I did training development and delivery in a large corporation for about fifteen years. I have a degree in Therapeutic Recreation and Exercise Science. My Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) is governed by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) I also hold an Exercise Physiologist certification form The American College and Sports and Medicine (ACSM). Before Covid I was working at Arapahoe Community College in the fitness center. I was teaching group fit classes and personal training. I have practiced Reiki for over ten years.

The Certification Governing Council (CGC) is an independent regulatory council within APTA that sets policies for examination, certification, and disciplinary action related to the BCPP Program. The CGC will use confidential, roll-call voting to elect new Certified and Public members by a majority vote of the CGC.