Certification Governing Council

Kathryn Bromley, BCPP, RPE, MA, LMT

CGC Chair

Kate has devoted most of her adult life to teaching in one format or another.  She was an ATM for years in the Pacific Northwest, still teaches orthopedic assessment and advanced treatment skills to massage therapists, has taught short form tai chi and qi gong classes at a martial arts school, and is currently doing Zoom energy exercise sessions for small groups.   She actively practiced bodywork in the Seattle area for 29 years.

Marlene Perdan, BCPP

Vice Chair

Marlene Perdan is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, and Holistic Health Practitioner. She holds certifications in Elemental Reflexology, and as a Sound Therapy Practitioner. Marlene is a Reiki Master and Licensed Spiritual Healer. She owns her own business, and her areas of focus are massage, energy work, oncology massage, reflexology and chair massage for businesses and groups. Marlene has previously worked for over ten years at a leading nonprofit organization providing health and human service information to the community. She has obtained a Masters of Public Administration and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Cleveland State University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Family Studies with a minor in Women’s Studies from the University of Kentucky.

Morgan Jackson


Morgan N. Jackson was educated at Harvard University (AB ‘69, MD ’73) and the University of Washington (UW, MPH ’77) where he received his training in Internal Medicine and Public Health. He also was a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar while at UW. He practiced General Internal Medicine prior to entering the US Public Health Service (USPHS) from which he retired at the rank of CO-6 after 23 years of service. His assignments in the USPHS included the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health (Staff and Deputy Director, Office of Health Technology Assessment; Staff, National AIDS Program Office), Program Officer with the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, and Director of the Office of Special Populations in the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. In addition to studying Polarity Therapy (BCPP certified), he holds Master lever certification in Usui Reiki, and has had training in energy systems of Kabala; an ancient Egyptian mystery school; a Shamanistic healing system; and Access Consciousness. He currently continues his energy studies in the system of Electrical Theology.

2/ Reasons for wanting to join the CGC
I want to serve on the APTA Certification Governing Council (CGC) because my background, training, and experience will allow me to contribute a unique set of knowledge, skills, and abilities. I served previously on APTA’s Certification Governing Board and assisted with development of the reference documents and background activities that contributed to APTA securing its accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). I think that this institutional perspective would be useful to the CGC at this time.

Debi Testa


Movement has been both Debi’s life and my life’s work.She have been teaching (dance and yoga) and running her own businesses for over 40 years. Her definition of movement includes both external and internal, so energy work has always resonated strongly with her. Having gone through many short (weekend) energy work training classes, she knew there had to be more. She was hungry for a deeper, comprehensive, evidence based system and is grateful to have found Dr. Stone’s work, a complete holistic practice.

Debi completed her RPP in 1999, has been a member af APTA for over 20 years, and was among the first to be Grandfathered in with the  BCPP title.

She is also a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Certified Bach Basics Teacher.

Dianne Pender


A desire to maintain inner balance and stillness while perusing a busy career
and personal life gave Dianne her passion for what she does.

She has been committed to empowering people to live healthier lifestyles since completing her extensive training in Polarity Therapy in 1992 after years in business and management. Along with other therapeutic and relaxation techniques Dianne was founder and president of ‘touchback’ for 20 years, a company supporting healthy work environments by offering onsite corporate massage, wellness seminars and workshops as well as developing a private practice in Polarity Therapy.

Dianne says, ‘The first time I heard about Polarity Therapy I was intrigued with the complexity and wholeness of the technique.  The first time I had a treatment I knew this was the career for me. That was 30 years ago, and I feel the same about Polarity Therapy today as I did then – it’s amazing.  I love giving treatments and I love receiving treatments.

Complementary Health: Polarity Therapy – RPP & BCPP; Reiki – Level 1 & 11; Emotional Release; Cross Fiber Massage; Enerflo Massage; Ancient Arts Spa Techniques; Kinesiology

Business: 3-year Business Coaching Program; 1-year Entrepreneurial Women’s Business Training; Art of Personal Marketing; Business, communication and management training courses and workshops

Victor Schenkman-McWind


Victor McWind has been helping people to heal and find their paths for over 30 years. He received his RPP from Dr. John Beaulieu, and in 2004 was certified. He has taught and practiced in Iceland, Costa Rica and the United States. He is currently practicing in Woodstock, New York.

Paul Johnson


Donna Gerte

Public Member

Donna Gerte has always been interested in energy and how it impacts all aspects of life. She has personally benefited from Polarity Therapy and is excited to be involved in the public’s interest with the CGC.

As the mother of two, now grown sons, Donna has been active in several volunteer positions as well as working in telecommunications, early childhood education, and retail.  Currently employed as residential support staff member for folks living with developmental and/or intellectual challenges, Donna brings both her life experience and love of Dr. Stone’s work to our committee.

The Certification Governing Council (CGC) is an independent regulatory council within APTA that sets policies for examination, certification, and disciplinary action related to the BCPP Program. The CGC will use confidential, roll-call voting to elect new Certified and Public members by a majority vote of the CGC.