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A Talk on the Wild Side …Truth-seeking Complexity

With Johnny Henderson, Ph.D., BCPP, RPE and Tom Langan, RCST®, BCPP, RPEW
By Meredith Zelman Narissi, MS, BCPP

Some people just capture your heart immediately. Their joyful presence permeates a special sharing. They take you through twists and turns. Surprise, confirmation, and intrigue arise keeping you curious and connected. That was how my conversation with Johnny went. I didn’t want it to end. It seemed that we could have talked forever.

Then a few days later I had the pleasure to talk with Johnny’s business partner, and husband, Tom…and the same feeling happened again…that the conversation could go on forever. Now, I like to talk, but this was different. The immediate level of trust, understanding and engagement with these two Polarity professionals was fascinating… and anything but usual. They cut to the chase. They get to the point eloquently, and they speak Polarity!

Want a peek into the conversation? These are some of the questions and answers I sheared with Johnny Henderson PhD, BCPP, RPE and Tom Langan, RCST, BCPP, RPE

Meredith: What is unique about your polarity school SETherapies: Somatic Energy Therapies, LLC is in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and Washington DC?

Johnny: Unique …hmmm? Our classes are small (8-14 max). We think of ourselves as Polarity “purists.” Only Polarity Therapy is taught, meaning, we exclude all other energy work and teach only what is in the STANDARDS. Students receive specialized attention. We strongly encourage each student to find what is unique about themselves.

We are not a brick and mortar school. We rent space at a large Art Center in our town. Our program focuses on the Principles of Polarity and the Elements. Students begin our training program with an understanding that the entire program will require a 30-month, one full weekend commitment to complete the APP and RPP required educational hours. Students completing our training program will have over 700 hours of education. Level One (APP) is 10 months, then a two months break. Then Level II (RPP One) is another 10 months, with a two-month break. Level III (RPP Two) requires another 10 months. Those continuing the training toward BCPP completion will have 125 addition hours after the education portions, while developing and honing their professional skills as Polarity Practitioners.  

One question on our APP completion review exam is to “Explain Polarity Therapy in two words.” As per Dr. Stone, the answer is: “Balance and Harmony!” When the 5 Elements, externally, achieve balance with the internal 5 Elements, balance in our physical and energy bodies unfolds, then harmonization permeates our being. This guides us toward Higher-Consciousness. 

Tom and I reside in West Virginia. We moved from 10 blocks from the White House, to 20 acres in West Virginia. This invites a deeper understanding of living among the elements. Living in the wild helps to achieve that awakening.

Tom: One of the unique features of SETherapies is that the “crown jewel of Polarity” as stated by Dr. Stone, is craniosacral work. This is what we add to the elective hours of our school. There is also an emphasis on tracing energy in the later part of the training. Using teaching protocols for demonstration, we follow up with encouraging personal intuition in the latter stages of learning…after the baseline is established. Students are encouraged to not get locked-in and rigid, thereby creating a balance between core understandings and the intuitive piece of the work.

MeredithWhat is your approach to teaching Polarity? How do you run your school?

Johnny: My philosophy while teaching Polarity is the following:

  • Learn the rules, then you know how and why to break them. They are only our guides, not our Truth. 
  • Don’t come to class wanting to do your Reiki, Quantum Touch, or other works when learning Polarity Principles and protocols. Learn the POLARITY PRINCIPLES!  
  • Also don’t come to class using the weekend as a time for your emotional trauma release. Do that work during your private time, not during teaching weekends.
  • My approach to teaching Polarity is that the better a student understands and applies the PRINCIPLES of Polarity, the better their physical, emotional and mental health. 
  • When we, as practitioners (facilitators) hold the energy example for the client (student), they can then strength their own development toward attaining Higher-Consciousness.  

Tom and I train 8-14 students per training. Providing personal attention to each student is a priority. We are not in opposition to larger classes; we just have not manifested them. As of this moment, we do not have an online training program for Polarity Therapy. Basically, we follow the wisdom and guidance of APTA’s STANDARDS.

Tom: I encourage students not to judge themselves on how they receive their information. They must find their way, use it, develop it, and not compare their gifts with the gifts of others. 

Tom said with humor, “When I was learning, some students went to the reaches of the Universe, while I helped cure a headache!”

Both are pertinent.

Meredith: Johnny, what do you mean by the Higher-Self?

Johnny: The Higher-Self is our true being. The soul resides there, as well as all the knowledge of the Universe and who we truly are. It is an inner-awareness of our Sovereignty. We are creators, with an ever-present mission to “create.”  Our Higher-Self resides in all of that.

Meredith: Can you explain further how sacred geometry symbolize the Higher Self?

Johnny: Sacred Geometry is Universal Law: instruction on how we achieve harmonization, wellness and balance. Within this information lies the understanding of creation, and how we learn to live and exist in the Dimension. We can also find answers for ascension questions. When our harmonized 5-Pointed Star vehicle is humming and readying for blast-off, every cell of the body begins to reflect Higher-Consciousness and Sovereignty. Our fuel is no longer oxygen, but by “Pranic-Fuel” activated in each cell.

Sacred Geometry’s Symmetry and Balance, (5-Pointed Star and Interlaced Triangle) helped me understand when our body achieves greater consciousness. The 5-Pointed Star body becomes better propelled for lift-off into higher dimensions of ascension. 

Meredith: How do your students and clients react to your polarity work and teaching?

Johnny: One lesson from my personal training in Polarity Therapy is, non-attachment. I care deeply that students receive exactly what they need from our training program. Whether or not they achieve their learning or career needs and goals, I am not attached to the outcome. I am confident that both Tom and I have created a wonderful stage setting each month for their learning opportunities. That’s why we are comfortable in calling ourselves facilitators and not teachers. Some may interpret that as callous, but it truly isn’t. Now, with that said, even if the student doesn’t tell us, we see individual changes in each of them. 

On the first day of education, as well as several times during the 30-months we tell students, “Once you step into the arena of Polarity Therapy, your life will never be the same as it is today. You may lose friends, family, or partners because you seem changed to them; and it is not the you that they thought they were in relationship with. Most relationships adjust and thrive, some don’t.” Their training directs them toward their authentic being.

Meredith: The Space is one of caring detachment then. Yes?

Johnny: Yes, exactly. All events in our daily lives, our teaching with students, our client’s wellness, friends, love-ones, careers: with all these, it is important to learn the lesson of caring detachment. As Practitioners of Polarity Therapy, we need to learn not to put an “energetic” finger print in anyone’s wellness/life journey. If we do, it immediately become ours, and not their journey. When I am grounded and centered, creating a safe space, in my fulcrum, facilitating energetic “balance and harmony” for a client without attempting to heal them, for me, that is caring detachment. I have learned that a client’s Higher-Self and innate intelligence heals the client… because they have found a safe, non-judging environment in which awaken their inner dance of wellness.

Meredith: What is your definition of Polarity?

Johnny: Polarity is the way I understand everything in our duality world. With Polarity I have learned to assign every situation, thought, event…everything according to an Elemental designation. It makes the understanding of our world somewhat more acceptable.

Polarity Therapy is a unique profession that incorporates positive, negative and neutral electromagnetic charges in and around the human body. When this life-force, of duality, around us, and through us, is achieving balance throughout our being, then wellness and health are heightened. A practitioner of Polarity Therapy learns to facilitate the following tools for fortifying balance and harmony in each cell of a client’s body: Energy touch, energy movement, energy food, and higher-consciousness. Awakening that leads to internal knowing. Once we have knowledge, it can never be taken away from us. 

Tom: Polarity is a philosophy to understand the world we live in, both physical and metaphysical, positive, negative, and neutral. It is not only what you experience, it includes the unseen substrate world and its forces. If you tell people that things are made up of atoms, they may acknowledge it, but they probably do not give that same acknowledgement to the unseen forces. 

For me personally, Polarity gave order to the chaos in the world around me; it gave me structure in the course of Philosophy. Craniosacral further evolves this concept because it is unified. It transcends time…it is before things are polarized into positive, negative, and neutral. Polarity uniquely embodies consciousness, touch, energy, movement and nutrition.

Meredith: What else in your life influenced you toward this Polarity path? How did you get involved with Polarity?

Johnny: An instant “recognition” and vibration stirring throughout my system!  While I was working on my PhD, and read the name Polarity Therapy, the first influence arose. I knew I had to find out more about it. And I began the search. I listened to the signs and signals that come into my life, and eventually I realized that there were higher forces of guidance revealing the meaning to me.

In 1990, I was working on my PhD in holistic therapy. My body began to buzz when seeing the words Polarity Therapy. A few days later I scheduled an appointment with a local practitioner… to this day I remember the protocol almost in its entirety…where I was touched…how I felt… what I realized.  I was a hungry vessel. 

There have been many forces of influence guiding me toward Polarity Therapy. Another is learning a lesson from my Mother, which became my life-mantra. When she stressed to me, around age 6, in her best Southern accent, “Baby, it’s none of your business what other’s think of you!” That little boy didn’t understand it fully at that time, but that was to become a major wisdom influence for me.

Tom: What brought me to Polarity?

I didn’t go to law school! 

I had a pre-law degree, I was working for a manufacturing company and traveling the world. I found massage beneficial for being a ‘road warrior!’ One therapist was studying Polarity Therapy and was practicing on me. I was experiencing new things during those sessions. Instead of muscle and tension there was a deeper resonance happening. This was the catalyst for my own interest in Polarity.

And… 2 ½ years later I had a kundalini experience. 

Meredith: Can you tell us about your Kundalini experience?

Tom: Like a ‘snake with a ram’s head,’ energy was coming up the spine and it blew the top of my head off! I knew it was kundalini. The feeling was as if I was part of Genesis bursting with a creative force…the creation quality. After that I could not go back to my job. 

I then studied Polarity, craniosacral, French Aromatherapy, tuning forks, sound and light healing, and crystals. All inculcated many three-dimensional levels of expression. This was also the beginning of my shared partnership with Johnny. Both in business and personal life. We share similar ideologies. And our work is imbued with this heightened understanding.

Meredith: What would you like to tell the members of APTA?

Johnny: The power of Polarity Therapy is a guide for living dimensionally: a spring board into developing our higher consciousness…a preparation for an ascension into higher dimensions of consciousness.

Meredith: Like what?

Johnny: Marconics. It is an ascension modality.

In 2017 Tom and I were invited to teach an APP program in Ohio.…in preparation for the training, I was Googling different topics, and for the next several weeks, each time I typed in a topic, at the top of the reference list was the word Marconics…in synchronistic ways. During a meditation group at our home one weekend, one of the attendees asked if anyone had heard about Marconics. Everyone said no. Then a couple of days later he called and said that he had found a book that he felt was for Tom and me. It was Marconics! With that many activations, we had to investigate further. Thus, began the journey. 

We then attended 4 levels of practitioner training in Marconics. It is an ascension modality, not a healing modality. It seems that the knowledge I gained from Polarity prepared me for this new information! It goes beyond a dimension, where we are locked in fear, shame and guilt, into an exciting journey into ascension. 

My advice then to APTA members is to remain open and come to know your truth. We are part of everything.

Tom: I would tell the members of APTA:

We are living in an evolving world. It is impossible to lockdown Dr. Stones information and still be evolving. Dr. Stone said, “I have burned the midnight oil, and now it’s your turn.” A living evolving body of information based on natural truths is something that does have a tradition and solidarity, but it is important not to remain rigid with it. People on one side are not getting enough of Dr. Stone. Others are gathering information as the foundation is needed, and then they can open more fully to new information.

Picasso once said, “Learn the rules, then you break them.”

Meredith to all: I hope all of you have enjoyed this “talk on the wild side,” it seems we are all on the wild path of self-discovery, made sweeter for sure by the beauty of sharing it.

Contact information:

Somatic Energy Therapies, LLC is in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and Washington DC.

Johnny Henderson, Ph.D., BCPP, RPE

Board Certified Polarity Practitioner /Educator

Phone: 304-258-9751

Tom Langan, RCST®, BCPP, RPE

Craniosacral/Board Certified Polarity Practitioner

Phone: 703-628-4551


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